September 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 341

Q&A with Enzo Villani of Alpha Sigma Capital

Founder, Managing Partner and CIO

Principal Series:

Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC) was formed in 2020 to discover and fund blockchain projects and companies that have successfully built a user base and have real-world uses for their tokenized ecosystem.

ASC is focused on technology companies that are leveraging blockchain technology to provide value-add in areas such as fintech, ai, supply chain, and healthcare.

ASC launched ASC Research to provide fundamental research in an equities analyst format that focuses on the determining the value of the company based on key factors such as revenue, adoption, management team, and profitability.

Family Office Insights webinar with Enzo Villani, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Alpha Sigma Capital Fund, LP. Enzo is the former Managing Director of Strategy at Nasdaq, a serial entrepreneur and investor in what he has dubbed, “The Blockchain Economy”

 October 1st, 2020 • 2:15pm-3:15pm EST


Investors Only Please

Blockchain is here to stay, the results of our fund are solid, and we have a plan for putting $100M to work. We’ve worked in new technology for over 25 years, consistently being the innovator in any space we entered…especially in financial technology.

We know the players in the traditional and crypto industries that provide superior deal flow and the discovery of undervalued gems.

We believe in transparency and corporate governance and have operated companies ourselves and we welcome investors who want to be educated while earning solid returns and limiting their risk through our fund.

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Why don't I just buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a storage of value and the original cryptocurrency. Our investments are focused on the companies creating an emerging space from blockchain and digital asset technology. We're funding their growth. These are companies creating real ecosystems based on this same tech and solving real-world problems. At ASC we focus on holding them accountable through their token and ecosystem. This is a hybrid between public and private equity concepts and, although alt-coins are not equity, they usually represent some economic reward or value in their ownership. This has resulted in alpha being generated above Bitcoin.

How do you pick your investments?

We can all agree that blockchain and cryptocurrencies adoption rates continue to grow and are being more accepted into the mainstream everyday.

As a multi-strategy fund we take the position that we don't have a crystal ball on who the winners and losers will be. But we do have rigorous research, free-trading tokens and institutional knowledge to obtain good solid investment opportunities. We also invest with the companies so they benefit from the investment as opposed to secondary trading. This allows for a carrot/stick approach while providing support to the portfolio companies in the short and long term. This also provides assurance for our LPs that we are consistently beating the benchmarks.

What is your investment criteria and focus?

1. We focus on projects and companies that have developed an ecosystem, requires operating capital and funding for product development, marketing and key hires.
2. Companies demonstrate a path for growth and adoption;
3. Digital assets are trading on major crypto-exchanges;
4. Compliance, transparency are key factors in decision-making.

...Under our Special Situations, we focus on

5. acquisition of distressed blockchain companies that have proven technology and a sizable ecosystem;
6. Leverage Buyout / Mergers and Acquisitions with other portfolio companies;
7. Private equity and venture investments into potential unicorn companies;
8. Private Interest in Public Equity (PIPE) investments at a significant discount or provide warrant coverage and potentially active board roles and or advisory.

Enzo Villani of Alpha Sigma Capital

Enzo Villani is a serial entrepreneur with a twenty-year expertise as a chief strategist to Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, and venture capital. Enzo was co-founder of Nasdaq Corporate Solutions, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of two strategic M&A consolidations in the areas of investor relations, proxy solicitation, corporate governance and financial technology. Enzo was key in consolidating over ten service companies across 4 continents representing over 5000 public companies and raising in excess of $500 million. In the blockchain industry, Enzo was Chief Strategy Officer of Transform Group. Transform Group represented the launch of over 37% of the alt-coin market capitalization by 2019. He is the co-founder of Blockchain Wire and was the head of international strategy and innovation at OKEx. Enzo holds an MBA from Cornell University Johnson School.

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