September 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 340

Q&A with Xiaoxi Wei of X-Therma

Founder and CEO

Principal Series:

X-Therma Inc. (Est. 2014, HQ: Berkeley, CA) is a biotechnology company in the San Francisco Bay Area on a mission to advance the field of regenerative medicine by making available safe and on-demand organs for transplant, engineered tissues, and cell therapies via a convergent biopreservation platform.

The company was founded by Dr. Xiaoxi Wei who, as a child, experienced a beloved family member wait on an organ transplant list for a donation that never came. She has dedicated her career to solving the scientific challenges in organ transplantation so others will not need to suffer the same pain her family experienced.

Our biomimetic cryopreservation molecule has shown breakthrough performance in both the organ transplant (6 times the maximum preservation times) and cell therapy (chemically defined, non-toxic, preserving functionality) markets. Neither market has seen such innovation in decades.

We have been granted an extremely broad composition of matter patent that allows X-Therma full control of the biopreservation space and any and all future applications for this molecular family.

We are currently looking to raise a $6M Series A round to translate and scale our work, increase production capacity, begin large animal organ transplant studies, and launch our products commercially in the cell and gene therapy market.

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a biotech company advancing the field of regenerative medicine

by making available safe and reliable organs, engineered tissues, and cell therapies

via a convergent bio preservation platform.

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September 30th  2020 • 2:15pm-3:15pm EST

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Why did you choose the organ preservation field?

As a child, I experienced the pain and frustration of watching a beloved family member wait unsuccessfully on an organ transplant list. I did not understand how we could preserve some things in a freezer, but not life-saving organs. I vowed to dedicate my life to solving this issue so others would not have to experience the pain my family and I endured.

I pursued a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and in my research learned about the vast unmet need in organ transplantation. Organ transplantation is a $45bn industry in the US, yet 80% of transplantable organs are wasted. Worldwide, only 10% of the need is met. The biggest reason for this gap is that most organs are stored on ice for transport from donor to recipient, giving the maximum of a few hours to get to the patient. There are over 1 million people in immediate need of a transplant, yet only 37,500 transplants are done annually in the US.

I founded X-Therma to solve these problems by extending the preservation time. With better technology, we could preserve organs longer, keep them healthier, and enable better donor / patient matching – all leading to better patient outcomes and saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

What is unique about X-Therma's approach to cryopreservation?

Our nature inspired, fully synthetic cryoprotectant prevents ice damage to biological materials at the fundamental chemical level. The commercialization of this product could lead to breakthrough delivery methods positioning the product as a critical enabler for all regenerative medicine. It has properties long desired in the cell therapy market: non-toxic, DMSO-free and animal component free, to enable preservation of cell and tissue viability and functionality. The product is easy to use and mixed with cells just prior to freezing using well known processes and simple equipment found in every biolab. Validation through third parties demonstrated superior preservation results with high viability and functionality for therapeutic cells (MSCs, HSCs, iPSCs), engineered tissues (iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte monolayers) and whole organs (e.g. mouse heart, rat penis) at previously impossible sub-zero temperatures for greatly extended periods. In collaboration with a world-leading surgeon and team, we demonstrated the preservation of whole functioning organs for ground-breaking lengths of time below 0°C, i.e. the first fundamental innovation in organ preservation in 50 years. The results show that the product can improve preservation of regenerative medicines and increase the likelihood of successful therapy and positive outcome post-therapy.

We have been granted an extremely broad composition of matter patent that allows X-Therma full control of the biopreservation space and any and all future applications for this molecular family.

Our leadership team includes Dr. Xiaoxi Wei, the inventor of our core IP, Dr. Mark Kline, an expert in bioinspired chemistry who was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and Eli Mohamad, a four-time founder in medical devices and AI and co-founder of the Organ Preservation Alliance.

Who is supporting you in this endeavor?

We have generated commitment from transplant centers responsible for 20% of total transplants in US ($9bn billable), as well as over 30 transplant surgeons. We have initiated 10 commercial pilot projects with leading cell therapy, tissue engineering, and big pharma drug discovery enterprises. Currently, we are discussing inclusion of our research grade product in Phase 1 trials for 30 CAR-T companies through a single distributor. Based on proprietary IP (6 patents filed, 2 granted), we have secured significant government funding as well as angel investment and investment from a European family office totaling $10.25M. At Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, we have received $10M of in-kind contributions and have access to $150M of lab equipment.

Our advisory board includes leaders from transplant surgery, biobanking and precision medicine, the DoD, cell therapy, biomimetic chemistry, and biotechnology policy.

Xiaoxi Wei of X-Therma

Dr. Xiaoxi Wei is an award-winning start-up entrepreneur and chemistry professional in the area of biomimetic nanoscience and biopreservation in Regenerative Medicine. Being persistent on her life vision to enable “organs on-demand” since a very young age, she pursued her scientific endeavor in biomimetic chemistry in the US. She founded X-Therma Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area in October 2014 and led the breakthrough innovation in biopreservation, which has demonstrated successful traction in Regenerative Medicine from cell & gene therapy, tissue engineering to whole organs for transplant. The highest impact of this technology would be saving the 80% of wasted human organs discarded for transplant (TAM $45B) by extending the organ shelf-life from hours to days. The technology also enables centralized manufacturing processes for Regenerative Medicine products. The company is backed by multi-billion cell therapy companies, US DoD and high-profile investors.

She comes from an entrepreneurial family and has inherited the entrepreneurial spirit. She is experienced in business development and managed an $8M engineering project while completing her Ph.D. study. She is a major author of 8 peer reviewed research papers and inventor of 2 high-impact patents. She serves as a healthcare advisor for the University of California Regents working group on innovation transfer and entrepreneurship, is a scientific advisor for Life Extension Foundation and was the Vice Chair of Younger Chemists Committee of the American Chemical Society (ACS), and California ACS executive committee member. She is a distinguished member of the RULEBREAKER society, Germany.

She is the PI of 10 federal and state grants/contracts to develop breakthrough cryoprotectants enabling complex tissue/organ cryopreservation. She led the X-Therma research endeavors at The Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2015-2020.

Dr. Wei gained multiple recognitions internationally and nationwide. MEDy award of XMED 2019; BUZZ-of-BIO 2019; Global championship of “Hello Tomorrow” in Global Health, 2019; SVIEF annual champion 2018, Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award, 2015. Contact Xiaoxi: