October 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 342

Q&A with Mike Cremeans of Hylant

Practice Leader

Principal Series:

Our Family Office Practice serves some of the largest, most admired family offices in the world. When founding our company more than 85 years ago, Edward Hylant promised to treat our clients and employees like family with honesty, respect and trust. Today, we are among the largest privately held, full-service insurance brokerage firms in the United States and a 11-consecutive-year winner of Best Places to Work in Insurance. Hylant has 700+ employees in 16 offices, spanning eight states. As a founding member of the Worldwide Broker Network, we offer complete risk management services, employee benefits brokerage, loss control, healthcare management, and captive insurance solutions for businesses and individuals locally, nationally and internationally.

We are pretty easy to get along with. If you are frustrated with paying too much for insurance, or are not comfortable with the answers you’re getting from your current provider, then let’s start a dialogue about how we might help. Special thanks to my friend Arthur for letting me talk to you about our firm!

Family Office Insights is a voluntary, “opt-in” collaborative peer-to-peer community of single family offices, qualified investors and institutional investors. Join the community here www.familyofficeinsights.com

A wise man once said "Everyone has an Agenda". What's yours?

There are thousands of insurance agents that make the same old pitch - "We are the best, no one can match our expertise and abilities". In our world, insurance is as unique as you - distinctive lifestyles and unique assets require a specialized approach to insurance. To do it right, it takes hard work and a thought process that considers specific risks and provides tailored coverages. Anyone can review insurance contracts and point out gaps, but the truly meaningful work is in identifying risks that are sometimes hidden and may go unnoticed - especially in today's "new world order".

What questions should I be asking YOU

Where is the line between commercial and private insurance?
Are we covered for our board members activity?
We should invest in this company, can you put together a team to evaluate the risk issues?
Why are you better than others?
What happens if we get attacked by one of these cyber hackers I am hearing about?
How does a risk assessment work?
What are the benefits to me?
It sounds complicated and I don't have the time.
Tell me exactly what other Family Offices are doing to reduce their risk, while saving money?

We specialize in impact and other targeted investments, especially for groups of individuals who may have been historically disenfranchised or excluded. What can you offer that other brokers or agents can't?

Hylant has created a strategic relationship with an insurance broker here in Cleveland by the name of Pinkney-Perry. www.pinkney-perry.com

Pinkney-Perry is MBE Certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County where Cleveland is located, the Department of Transportation (pending) and is also a significant member of the Cleveland CEO group www.thepresidentscouncil.com

Richard Perry is President and not only is he a good guy, he is very interested in promoting the interests of minority businesses. He has stated emphatically that if any of my contacts wish to do business with MBE’s, have diversity initiatives, want to understand how to become an MBE and/or are looking to take advantage of our network connections, he’d love to meet them. Oh and by the way, we can write your insurance as well!

Mike Cremeans of Hylant

I am a client facing risk strategist, working with companies and individuals to identify, simplify, and translate complicated risks/situations into understandable concepts with practical solutions. My strengths include strategic planning and enterprise risk assessment.

Contact Mike: mike.cremeans@hylant.com