May 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 587

Q&A with Gabe Galvez of CapTarget

Co-Founder / CEO

Principal Series:

CAPTARGET is a leading deal sourcing service partner for professional buyers.

We offer a scalable, low-cost sourcing service that allows buyers of all sizes to lever the tools and strategies of industry leaders to source more middle market acquisition opportunities. Our process has been refined by working with some of the largest and most productive professional acquirers in the middle market.

You no longer have to depend on the deal flow of a single software platform, manage hundreds of broker relationships or dig through hundreds of communications just to find a lead. CAPTARGET origination can be used to source direct-to-business-owner opportunities and/or to cover the broader M&A intermediary market.

Think of CAPTARGET Origination as a supercharger to an existing origination effort or an alternative to building out an internal origination team, all without any long term commitments or success fee payments.

Direct Sourcing
Source 100% direct-to-business-owner acquisition opportunities. Our team manages the entire process from target list development, to outreach and lead qualification without ever charging success fees. A great sourcing solution for platform and add-on acquisitions.

Intermediary Market Coverage
There are more than 9000+ middle market focused intermediaries to stay in contact with in the U.S alone – a task that is daunting for small and large deal teams alike. We ensure you are top of mind and seeing live deals while minimizing your need to communicate, manage and qualify leads from this large active lead pool.

For more than 10 years CAPTARGET has existed to help reduce the cost of doing deals in the middle market – plain and simple. As a team comprised of former private equity and investment banking professionals, we have worked in your shoes, and felt the same pain you may feel due to significant inefficiencies in this market.

Join us for a unique presentation from CAPTARGET co-founder/CEO Gabe Galvez.

CAPTARGET is a leading partner for professional buyers seeking to originate new deals for investment or acquisition. With over 11 years serving the broader middle-market, Gabe brings experience and know-how to this presentation on how CAPTARGET sources data, creates conversations, and delivers unique deal flow to its clients, charging ZERO success fees.

May 27, 2021 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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Gabe Galvez of CapTarget

Having built, sold and bought businesses I know first hand how hard the deal making process can be. Too often private equity and similar buyers are tasked with the overwhelming process of sourcing analyzing and managing acquisitions with limited resources or access to industry specific best practices.

It is our singular goal to develop more effective, scalable deal origination processes while reducing the costs associated with identifying acquisition opportunities. We view our continued success as a trailing indicator of the success of our clients who range from independent sponsors and first time funds to some of the largest private equity investors active in the market today. Contact Gabe: