May 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 586

Q&A with Betty Cohen of Hearts & Minds Media, LLC


Principal Series:

Heart & Minds is a new media company that will produce and distribute entertainment that blends social emotional learning and interactive storytelling to empower teen girls for life. We will distribute that content on many platforms, including social media, major networks and streaming services. The company will also attract partnerships with mission-aligned sponsorship brands, licensors and publishers, and connect them to this $100 billion market.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Betty Cohen, Founding President of Cartoon Network and former CEO of Lifetime TV For Women. Betty will share her vision and plan for a pioneering entertainment company that addresses the epidemic of anxiety and depression among teen girls today.

The company, Hearts & Minds, brings together leaders from the worlds of entertainment and brain science to help create content that blends entertainment with Social Emotional Learning (SEL). The COVID- 19 pandemic has exacerbated the epidemic of teen anxiety and depression, lending urgency to a company that will be both mission- driven and highly profitable.

May 18, 2021 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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Year 1

Hearts & Minds will monetize its initial social media audience via brand integration partnerships with mission-aligned sponsors who value our engagement metrics, even while reach is initially developing.

We anticipate no revenue, because this is a year of building:
• Initial blended content
• Understanding of audience
• Relationships with brand partners, once we have tangible show ideas and performance data later in the year.

Year 2

With more content to offer to sponsors and time to close deals that were in discussion in Year 1, projected revenue will be 430K comprised of primarily smaller “trial” brand integration deals with sponsors who want to get involved early.

Year 3

Revenue grows to $5,525,000 due to:
• Significantly more content, driving growth in reach, engagement and sponsorship opportunities, which, along with Year 2 success stories, drive multiple larger brand deals.
• More traditional reach-driven advertising dollars also projected.
• Two additional revenue streams starting in Year 3:
– Producer fees from selling the first longform series to a streaming service
– Launching premium paid membership program

Year 4

Hearts & Minds generates EBITDA $2.1MM profit

Projected revenues will be $10,320,000 — half sponsorship/ad-supported revenue and the other half from growing premium membership fees and producer fees along with the introduction of consumer product licensing.

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The epidemic of anxiety and depression among teen girls: why is it especially bad now?

We live in a time of rising public alarm about an epidemic of anxiety and depression among teen girls, starting as early as the tween years of ten to fourteen.

Even before the pandemic, one in five teenage girls had experienced at least one major depressive episode over the past year. (Pew Research).

But the problem was greatly exacerbated by the COVID pandemic. Stressors, like social distancing, increased screen time, the toxic distortions of social media, and parental and social pressures, combined to form a perfect storm.

• Pediatric admissions for psychological diagnoses, like panic and anxiety, jumped 31 percent for adolescents in the pandemic year of 2020, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

• A study of 1500 teens by Mission Behavioral Health, a recovery community in Santa Barbara, California, found that 61% of teens said the pandemic had increased their feelings of loneliness.

Sharon Young, a therapist in Hendersonville, North Carolina recently told The New York Times: ""‘Everything that used to be familiar and give structure to their lives, and predictability, and normalcy, is gone.’ Kids need all these things even more than adults do, and it’s hard for them to feel emotionally safe when they’re no longer there.’"

How can Social Emotional Learning help teen girls?

SEL is the science-based process by which people learn empathy, a growth mindset, self-advocacy, conflict resolution and skills that build self-confidence for life. We will engage girls with authentic stories from inside their social emotional world. And we will do this by weaving Interactive experiential learning into our programming on many platforms --reaching girls wherever they are. As a result, we will build a community of girls with a sense of empowerment and belonging.

Our team knows how to deftly leverage aspects of both traditional and interactive storytelling best suited for teaching SEL skills, using a multi-disciplinary team of experts and the latest creation, delivery and community- building technologies. These will include:

• Modeling Behavior: “How do those I admire handle difficult situations or decisions?”
• Branching Narratives: “How do I safely experience the consequences of my choices?”
• Character Point of View: “How do I have empathy for those who might not share my views?

Our goal is to have a critical impact on teens today, much as Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers impacted young children a generation ago.
While SEL has become mainstream among educators (K-12 districts will be spending more than $21 billion per year on SEL), entertainment has not caught the SEL wave. It is time for a dedicated media brand to drive home this learning into the entire tween girl experience, on screens and off.

There have been hit shows produced for this market with SEL themes, but no company is focused on it. In essence, we have an open lane.

How can a mission-driven company like Hearts and Minds be highly profitable?

In a number of ways. Tween girls in the US have $100 billion in buying power. We will be attractive to sponsors who spend an annual $25 billion in the United States to reach tween girls. These companies struggle to find socially positive entertainment environments in which they can engage our target audience.

Over time, we will generate multiple revenue streams. These will include:
• Brand integration and sponsorships
• Advertising sales
• Premium subscription revenues from members of the community we build
• Producer and format fees from streaming services
• Licensing revenues from hit series, characters and personalities

Betty Cohen of Hearts & Minds Media, LLC

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts–content creators, marketers, SEL thought leaders, adolescent psychologists and girls themselves led by Betty Cohen.

Betty Cohen, founding president of Cartoon Network and CEO of Lifetime TV For Women, has spent the last 3 years developing a concept for a media company that addresses the epidemic of anxiety and depression among teen girls. Her concept was an entertainment company grounded in the field of SEL, the science-based process by which people learn empathy, conflict resolution and build self- confidence to help navigate the difficult process of growing up. Betty is a PROVEN C-SUITE MEDIA EXECUTIVE AND GIRL-FOCUSED HIT-MAKER Founding president of Cartoon Network CEO of Lifetime Entertainment Network GM of TNT Cultivated positive, female-focused hits from Power Puff Girls to Army Wives

Generated $3B in shareholder value

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