May 2022
Vol 8 | Issue 591

Q&A with Gary Bender of Carneros Bay

CEO / Founder

Principal Series:

Carneros Bay is a unique blend of a Fintech incubator, accelerator, investor, partner and advisor for incumbent Financial Institutions and emerging Fintech companies. We help financial institutions identify and onboard qualified Fintech solutions that map to their strategic goals, technology needs, and roadmap, while providing strategic and technical guidance to Fintechs to scale their solutions within the highly regulated and demanding financial industry. Carneros has MSA’s with companies such as Mastercard, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, and Square alongside contracts with over 20 fast-growing Fintech companies. Carneros recently launched our third company, which is now live ( and oversubscribed.

Financial Institutions are looking externally for innovative technologies to make them more efficient and help them to retain and grow their customer base. Emerging Fintech companies are looking to integrate their technologies onto banking platforms to increase market share — neither can do it alone.

We are tightly focused on Fintech, with over 70 industry experts, each with at least 22 years’ experience in the industry. We’ve collectively launched over 25 companies (crypto, home sharing, digital identity, payments, core banking, etc) with over 15 exits, several surpassing unicorn status. Carneros has 20 contracted Fintech partners in wealth management, payments, personalization, talent management, digital identity, cybersecurity, etc. Carneros also incubates and launches a timely fintech company every 18-24 months. Carneros receives diversified revenue streams from our contracted fintech partners, non-investment equity in our partner and incubated companies and other advisory fees from the large financial institutions.

Join us for a private Family Office Insight Webinar featuring Gary Bender, CEO of Carneros Bay. Carneros Bay is a Fintech Incubator/Accelerator/Advisory firm that works with Tier 1 Financial Institutions, Fintech startups, and Fintech investors. Carneros’ mission is to fuel the Fintch industry by paving the way for Financial Institutions and Fintechs to work together, launch market-ready Fintech solutions, and de-risk Fintech investment for Carneros stakeholders and investors. Gary is the former Global Head of Intellectual Property and Innovation at Visa, Inc. and Big 5 Consulting Firm Licensing and Technology Practice Leader. Gary is an experienced industry executive with depth in technology, payments, banking, Fintech, eCommerce with a 25-year track record for team building, refining strategies and focused execution.

May 18, 2022 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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Why is Carneros a compelling investment for me?

Carneros is the only place you can obtain a diversified revenue stream and equity allocation across proven, qualified, early stage Fintech companies. We differ from a fintech fund as we obtain non-investment equity from our accelerator structure and our partners are de-risked due to the customer base they have already obtained through our Expert Network.

We have turned down two offers to be acquired and intend to grow the value for our stakeholders by 10x over the next 3-5 years.

Why haven't I heard of Carneros Bay before?

We have grown rapidly through personal relationships and stealth operations over the last 6 years. We are just beginning to expand our social footprint and our marketing efforts. However, we have more work than we can handle at the moment, thus we are busy building value for our stakeholders and partners.

How will you use the funds raised?

Simply put, we need to hire more people to manage the growth we are facing. We will add 3-5 partnership leaders to the team, plus additional admin support.

Gary Bender of Carneros Bay

Gary Bender – CEO and Founder of Carneros Bay, he is an experienced executive with depth in technology, payments, banking, Fintech, eCommerce with a track record for team building, refining strategies and focused execution. Expert in in Business Development, Strategy, Intellectual Property, Strategic Partnerships, Product execution, and Start-ups. Gary has been directly involved in the development and creation of thousands of Fintech patents and holds more than a dozen in his name.

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