February 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 283

Q&A with Jason Williams of Kidoz


Principal Series:

Kidoz, a KidTech leader, is the most popular and fastest growing mobile network for safe under-13 (kids) traffic. Governments (US, UK, EU, China, India), Google, and Apple all protect kids in a digital world and require advertisers and apps to follow specific rules. Kidoz owns and operates one of the only, Google & Apple certified, safe kids advertising systems in existence. The Kidoz network is used by the industry’s major kids entertainment companies such as Lego, Mattel, Hasbro and others to reach kids safely & compliantly.

Kidoz is an ethical investment whose mission is to protect children online while enabling mobile games and educational content to be free to children to use. The business has strong traction ($4.5M 2019 revenues) and excellent growth (Q4 2019 revenue was double Q2 2019). As regulation increases globally, Kidoz’s importance increases as the Company owns one of the few digital marketing channels available for reaching kids compliantly. Kidoz has recently doubled its agency sales force, added several of the largest app partners in the industry to its network, and achieved its best financial quarter in the history of its business.

Kidoz is 20% management owned and current investors includes 3 Venture Capital Funds; 2 Family Investment Funds; and a Swiss Institutional Equity Growth Fund.

Kidoz has secured a 7-seat international board with an x-CEO and x-Board members from NASDAQ listed companies. Kidoz is listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol = KIDZ.



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Why is now the time to invest in Kidoz?

The Kidoz business strategy is a success and the Company has hit an inflection point in its growth and financial performance. Kidoz revenue in Q4 2019 was $2,000,000, more than 100% higher than Q2 2019. Kidoz’s working capital position is also strong with more than $2,500,000 on the balance sheet.

Kidoz desires financing to fund its growth and cash flow requirements, not to perfect its business strategy. Advertising payments by large groups such as Lego and Mattel come slowly (120 - 150 days) and Kidoz must make payments to its app partners on 60 day terms. This situation creates a funding gap that creates a requirement for cash in-flows during times of high growth.

What is a Kidoz Bond?

The Kidoz Bond is the Company’s 5-year convertible debenture offering that pays annual interest of 7% (paid quarterly). Holders of the Kidoz Bond will have the opportunity to convert their debt holdings to public equity. The Kidoz Bond provides holders the benefit of a regular income stream from a high-growth technology company, yet also provides the opportunity for a much larger investment return through equity conversion.

What are Kidoz's projections and why are you confident you will achieve them?

Kidoz is targeting over $6M in revenue in 2020 (40% growth) and more than $10M in 2022 (30% CAGR). We are confident we will achieve and surpass these figures because the market for safe advertising is heavily regulated and demand is increasingly strong on a global scale. Kidoz is a leader in mobile Kid-Safe advertising, is certified by Google and Apple, and is favored by top app developers as a premium solution. As regulation increases, such as we're seeing in California and the UK, demand for our services increases further and our total addressable market increases as the net of protection is cast more widely.

Jason Williams of Kidoz

Jason Williams (Co-CEO) and Eldad Ben Tora (Co-CEO), both experienced international entrepreneurs and concerned fathers, identified the opportunity for a Kid-Safe mobile network when developing software and apps for kids. Their instincts were correct and Kidoz now services a global market of developers and advertisers from offices in Tel Aviv, London, and Vancouver.

Jason has an MBA from Warwick University in the UK and was previously CEO of Bingo.com and Shoal Games Ltd. Eldad served as General Manager and Chief Product officer at Bluesnap (formerly Plimus), which was acquired by Great Hill Partners in 2011. E. Ben Tora holds a bachelor degree in management and communication from the College of management in Tel Aviv.

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