February 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 282

Q&A with Dr. John W. Landgraf of Montsegur S.A.

Executive Director

Principal Series:

MontSegur –  The Ultimate Financial Fortress.

MontSegur is unique in that our bank and trust services brand is designed by The Aristotle Group – experienced geopolitical financial intelligence professionals.

Our mission is to aggressively protect private wealth in the 21st Century, by correctly addressing the geopolitical and economic trends that have driven the fundamentals of asset protection and wealth management into uncharted areas of risk.

Specifically, this means providing (1) difficult to find, private alternative asset-class  investment products with higher ROI without any increase risk, (2) personalized trust services beyond what is traditionally available, and (3) TAG’s military level intelligence capabilities to reduce all types of risk in a world in transition.

But this is only the beginning:

Behind MontSegur SA, the Swiss Asset Management and Trust Services company, is MontSegur International Project and Development Bank, specializing in the most advanced Deep Artificial Intelligence projects using Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms.  Its first project is AR2C trading platform.  AR2C is slated to be the most powerful automated trade platform created to date.


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What makes MTSG unique?

MontSegur is unique in that the bank and trust services brand is designed by experienced Geopolitical Financial Intelligence professionals. When US HNWIs lose $6.67 Trillion in the S&P alone, in one week (when the Covid-19 caused the stock market to come down almost 30% in that week), because investment advisors did not grasp that Covid-19 is a Geopolitical event… this matters.

The mission is to aggressively protect private wealth in the 21st century, beyond traditional financial risk management, to correctly address the geopolitical and economic trends that have driven the fundamentals of asset protection and wealth management into uncharted areas of risk.

Specifically, this means providing (1) difficult to find, private alternative asset-class investment products with higher ROI without increased risk (2) personalized trust services beyond what is traditionally available, and (3) The Aristotle Group’s advanced Intelligence capabilities to address risks at a Global Economic and Geopolitical level.

1. Swiss Based MontSegur SA – the only asset management and trust services designed by a professional Intelligence agency (Aristotle Group Limited) to protect against geopolitical and economic risk for a world in transition - featuring international offshore asset and estate protection, and global reach low-risk high-yield cash-management products – not found elsewhere (including those with crypto-blockchain delivery).
2. MontSegur Project Development Bank – the only bank that self-funds and incubates AI based technology projects with humanitarian value, such as health, food, energy, and defense. Correctly incubated startups have a 90+% success rate, compared to VC funded companies at only 10%.
Advanced AI technology projects represent the Apple, Google, and Amazon investments of the future.
First, we build (1) AR2C Automated deep AI Neural-net Currency Trading Program that generates capital for future project development. Followed by the (2) Pancha Protocols - Age-reversal and elimination of age-related diseases using energetic medicine, and (3) Erithacus (inexpensive, Advanced AI, small-format UAVs with perpetual flight capability, for agriculture, communications, defense, and more). All three are in development, based on already proven technologies, and to be automated using our advanced AI capabilities.
3. AR2C Currency Trading Platform – the most advanced application of Deep AI Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms to date: AR2C is the only trading platform to utilize intelligence-level psychological operations. The result is extremely low-risk AR2C Algorithms, that relentlessly seek mathematical near-zero-risk. AR2C will be traded internally, and not available to the public.
4. WCI: MontSegur has a Unique Funding/Investment Model. The Loan/Investment is 100% double securitized at 7½% and return of principal in 5 years – eliminating any appreciable risk to the Lender/Investor (making an exit-strategy unnecessary). Simultaneously, the Lender/Investor enjoys significant profit by being in a position to trade AR2C which allows him or her to participate in the $15.7 Trillion-dollar Artificial Intelligence revolution. And, for family offices and financial services professionals, there is an opportunity to participate in MontSegur SA’s unique international trust and asset management services.

How to Make Money with MontSegur

Long Term Income: Asset Management and Trust Services is a slow-growth business model, but has tremendous long-term upside profit, and profit-retention (To repeat, previously MontSegur Director Arrien Schiltkamp built ATC Trustees to a $100MM company.)

Short Term Income: Significant income is created from AR2C beginning in year 1.

Mid-term Income: Year 3, AI Project Development starts generating significant income stream.

Securitized Investment: 5-year bond: Lender/Investor begins receiving 7.5% quarterly payments on the entire $4.7MM investment into MontSegur, with 100% principal payback 5-year term.

What is AR2C?

AR2C’s design is completely automated currency trading, using Deep AI Neural-nets, and is built on a mathematical near-zero risk design. AR2C employs 7 AI modules, including sophisticated money management, leveraging of winning-trade signals to eliminate risk, and increased profitability. AR2C is built on the experience of two existing highly-successful AI trade platforms. AR2C is created by world thought-leaders in AI and psychological operations. AR2C’s Genetic Algorithms and Neural-nets constantly adapt and evolve to market changes by the millisecond. And because AR2C is traded privately and not offered to the public – AR2C has no market competition.
The AI Revolution is predicted to be the most profound shift in recorded history, generating $15.7 Trillion in global GDP in the next decade. It will literally change every aspect of our lives. Not just because we can do things better, but more importantly, how we think about and redefine our limitations, including how we perceive risk. The only limitation is processing-power and the depth of the ability of AI designers to understand the secrets of the human mind from which the AI is modeled. AI is ultimately the study of recreating the human mind, the union of technology, psychology, and philosophy - Our forte.
It’s a continual process of disrupting self-imposed mental limitations. And few things are more disruptive than using Artificial Intelligence to remove perceived limitations in creating wealth. The dogma that profits and risk are directly proportionate is a self-imposed limitation, that does not reflect mathematical science. Making profits, like any endeavor, strictly reflects the capacity to detect and remove risk.
In a time when Black Swan events, such as the Coronavirus, have resulted in the loss in private wealth of $17 Trillion in just one week, MontSegur’s focus is providing low-risk cash-products that are completely agnostic to market conditions. This includes Alpine Asset Management’s two trade platforms, MontSegur’s own AR2C trade platform, and the MIFI Workers Compensation - all creating solid extremely-low risk returns regardless of bull or bear markets.
AR2C will be not be available to the public. It will be exclusively traded by partners and investor, and to capitalize MontSegur advanced technology projects.

- AR2C is unique in that it is a completely automated currency trading platform, that combines cutting-edge neuro-psychological modeling with the application of the most advanced levels of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Genetic Algorithms (GAs).

- AR2C is also unique in that it is designed by both a leading-edge technologist in AI, ML, GA responsible for automating AI for military, aerospace, medical, and finance, and by an experienced trader and expert in Psychological Operations: The art and science of detecting deception, intention, and functionality is key, both for AI modeling, and to significantly improve the quality of information used in Fundamental Trading.

- Together, AR2C Currency Trading Platform represents the application of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Psychological Operations - to take the three foundations of effective trading to the next level: technical trading, fundamental trading, and money management.

- AR2C employs a total of 7 completely-automated Deep AI modules, with 4-times the neuron-modeling as conventional AI. AR2C’S automated Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms are self-learning and constantly evolve, millisecond to millisecond, in response to subtly changing markets, while pursuing a mathematical near-zero Fundamental Fitness Function. AR2C is potentially the most powerful trade platform ever created, capable of competing with and exceeding the profits of complex and problematic Inter Bank Trade Platforms that require more than a $100 Million minimum investment. AR2C also utilizes the only known application, in any field, of extracting from the unconscious mind unfiltered ‘honest data’ (information not falsified by the conscious mind).

- AR2C is being built upon the success of two advanced platforms created by our Swiss partner, Alpine Asset Management: (1)The X8 ARM (Automated Reserve Management) - one of the lowest-risk automated currency platforms ever created (<0.028), which utilizes 75 real-time analysis parameters to minimize risk, and (2) ACCESS ADM AI Robotic Trading that takes a winning-trade signal-set, in real-time across as many as 28 currency pairs, designing entry-points, exit-points, stop-losses, with locked-in fixed maximum drawdown to suit investor risk appetite.

Dr. John W. Landgraf of Montsegur S.A.

John W. Landgraf, Ph.D. – Executive Director.  Dr. Landgraf is most responsible for the MontSegur brand as the ultimate brand for financial security in a complex and volatile geopolitical world. Dr. Landgraf is a leading expert on offshore banking, specifically applying fundamental and technical overlays to both financial and geopolitical risks. He is also an authority on applying psychological metrics to cultural and political trends, and specifically to leadership and management performance. The combined metrics dramatically enhance the transformation of uncertainty into manageable risk in international transactions, capital preservation, security, and growth, by prognosticating regime and corporate leadership and the overreaching geopolitical and economic trends. Bank clients include UBS, Credit Suisse, Credit Lyonnais, Midland, Barclays, Bank of Austria, Pictet & Cie. Coming to banking from a long career in intelligence, specializing in Psychological Operations and financial risk, he gained extensive experience in emerging economies and high-risk environments. A particular focus is Russia and the former CIS, beginning with the democratization of the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s, providing geopolitical perspective to government and NGO think-tanks as well as numerous US and European companies. Subsequently, he directed similar deep-immersion operations during the emergence of China and India. Dr. Landgraf has advised presidential administrations in Taiwan, Austria, and Ukraine on global risk assessment as well as numerous government agencies, and private NGOs internationally. Dr. Landgraf is the former director of an International Offshore Trust company in the Bahamas, providing asset protection and competitive tax strategies to High Net Worth Individuals, as well as designing sophisticated bank and corporate structures for companies seeking entry into international markets to compensate for disadvantages in competitive tax environments. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology and International Relations and has lectured in over 20 countries. He divides his time between California, Hong Kong, Nassau, Bahamas, India, and London. Relevant to the AR2C Trade Platform: Technical Trading – Over 3,000 hours applying pattern reading to forex trading Psychological Operations – specializing in “reading” individuals and collectives for deception, intention, and functionality – key to translating low-noise interpretation of visible and invisible fundamentals for AR2C psychological modules. MontSegur Project Development Bank: – brings (with The Aristotle Group Intelligence Team) advanced information development skills to assessing Geopolitical risk in general, and in technology development in particular.

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