February 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 282

Q&A with Dr. John W. Landgraf of Montsegur S.A.

Executive Director

Principle Series:

MontSegur –  The Ultimate Financial Fortress.

MontSegur is unique in that our bank and trust services brand is designed by The Aristotle Group – experienced geopolitical financial intelligence professionals.

Our mission is to aggressively protect private wealth in the 21st Century, by correctly addressing the geopolitical and economic trends that have driven the fundamentals of asset protection and wealth management into uncharted areas of risk.

Specifically, this means providing (1) difficult to find, private alternative asset-class  investment products with higher ROI without any increase risk, (2) personalized trust services beyond what is traditionally available, and (3) TAG’s military level intelligence capabilities to reduce all types of risk in a world in transition.

But this is only the beginning:

Behind MontSegur SA, the Swiss Asset Management and Trust Services company, is MontSegur International Project and Development Bank, specializing in the most advanced Deep Artificial Intelligence projects using Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms.  Its first project is AR2C trading platform.  AR2C is slated to be the most powerful automated trade platform created to date.


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What makes MTSG unique?

A lot. First, keep in mind that MontSegur has 2 major components. First is MontSegur SA (MTSG SA) which is asset management and trust services, based in Switzerland.

Second is MontSegur Project Development Bank. (MTSG PDB), which focused on leveraging the information technology revolution, primarily AI, but also includes cutting edge medical technology and robotics. First and foremost is AR2C, which we can effectively argue is the most advancing trading platform ever created to date.

MontSegur SA , of course, utilizes world-class asset management and trust protocols in managing asset protection, estate planning, and tax mitigation, as well as white-label the best investment global products.

What sets us apart, though, is that MTSG SA is designed by global intelligence and risk expertise that is beyond the traditional Asset Management and Trust company corporate culture.

What this means is:

(1) We approach problem solving, from a global intelligence level, levels that traditional companies can not. For instance, we may utilizing a sophisticated EXIM Bank negotiation strategy with the Venezuelan Central Bank to permit a HNWI to expatriate their asset base beyond the impact of a severely depreciating economy and currency.

Or (2) offer hard-to-find private cash products with increase ROI without an increase in risk. The notion that risk and return are necessarily diametrically opposed is a design failure - a failure to identity and contain risk. Just as negative or zero interest rates are a fallacy of global economic policy failure, not the lack of opportunity.

In fact, Aristotle Group is utilizing a unique private insurance based product that produces such strong ROI, with no appreciable risk - to securitize the entire capital raise to launch MontSegur.

And (3) MTSG SA, as a Swiss based operation targets emerging markets where risk is understood and second, the huge US HNWI market, where artificial barriers and a radical disinformation campaign deters HNWI for taking advantage of significant value-opportunities in going global. These are fundamental design issues.

Second, MontSegur Project Development Bank employs an ‘incubation model’ and also has, what we might say, is an ‘intelligence level’ profile. The Aristotle Group, the creators of MontSegur, provides some of the most sophisticated Cyber Intelligence and Psychological Operations capacities in the private sector.

The world is going through the most dramatic transition in recorded history, which equates to enormous opportunities, and with opportunity there is also risk. 2 out of 3 VC based startups fail within the first 5 years.

Yet incubated company startups can have a success rate as high as 98%. 33% vs 98%. There is not the space here to eloquently detail this, but let’s just say, if you had the resources of the Central Intelligence Agency to start a company, you would have an advantage. These are specific.

Lets take 2:

Psychological Operations - is a term in the intelligence world that, at its highest level, refers the art and craft of ‘detecting deception, intention, and functionality, and when appropriate, influence outcome’. The founder of MontSegur is a world-thought leader in Psychological Operations.

In business it is ‘management, management, management’. An assortment of CV’s may equate to a group of people looking to leverage their experience. Fair enough. But it is the ‘inspired Guiding Will’, the person (s) who is living a vision, that will evolve a business model through the various trials and tribulations, reinvented the model as often as necessary - this is the greatest factor in a company’s success.

Global Intelligence - Even so, what if the market opportunity is not what it appears? A new crypto technology sounds like a good idea, but at this very moment, programmers in Ljubljana are already 18 months ahead. It is a little known fact that Slovenian crypto is some of the most advanced in the world. MontSegur utilizes Aristotle Group’s global human and cyber intelligence capacities to know what the risks are.

The AI Technology Revolution is estimated to be a $15.7 Trillion opportunity in the coming decade. Who will successfully take advantage of this opportunity?

AR2C: Finally, which makes MontSegur unique is our first AI/ML/GA project - the AR2C trading platform. AR2C changes the way we capitalize projects. More about AR2C, in the next question.

These are just the highlights of MontSegur investment opportunity. There is much more, including the Humanitarian aspect. MontSegur AR2C will launch a completely self-funded automated block-chain crypto micro-finance platform. All MTSG PDB projects are inspired to leverage technology to make the world a better place to live. Call it - Inspired Free Market Capitalism.

The creation of eleemosynary value - is also the Ultimate Wealth Brand.

The second question I would ask is what is my risk to capital, what is my exit, and what do I get for it?

Not much, not a problem, and a lot.

First, It is a sad testimony to the central bank manipulation of economic markets that smart investors start with the question: ‘What is my exit?’ In the next breath, we will praise Warren Buffet as on of the greatest investor of our time who operates on a buy-and-hold strategy!

We approach this dilemma by creating the WCI Securitization on the entire investment: The MontSegur project requires $2MM. Investor/lender lends $4MM. $2MM funds the project, and the second $2MM purchases the WCI Securitization, which generates 7% coupon for 6 years on the entire $4MM, as well as the repayment of the $4MM at term (6 years). This allows the lender/investor to participate in enormous upside potential of the AR2C Trade Platform, and participate in powerful added-value benefits - while stilling gaining a secure 7%.
Risk is as low as we have ever seen, and the exit is built in, and the upside remains in perpetuity.

The loan is actually double securitized. MontSegur SA, trust an asset management and trust services is a a slow-growth model with long-term growth potential. Arrien Schiltkamp, co-founder and Marketing Director, is responsible for taking a small family trust company in Curacao and growing it to be the second largest privately held trust company in the world, ATC. It sold for 26X earnings to Blackstone Group. This took time, of course.

Beyond our Ultimate Financial Fortress brand, which as intelligence experts, we are quite serious about - MTSG SA is a solid nuts-and-bolts business that we have designed to be operational the first quarter and profitable year one.

In additional to the WCI Securitization, MontSegur SA provides a much-needed trust and asset management services in an under-serviced global market. In effect, this represents a double securitized of the investment/loan.

And if you are in need of of high-end boutique trust and asset services, for a client-base or your own family office, being an insider in a boutique private Swiss asset management and trust company that services your needs - well, I would not do in any other way.

Upside? If you are looking for the next Amazon (without any risk to capital), look no further than the opportunity to participate in AR2C.

What is AR2C?

We can honestly argue that AR2C is the most advanced automated currency and equities trade platform created to date.

AR2C employs Deep AI, Machine Learning to improves itself by the millisecond, and advanced Genetic Algorithms. to constantly evolve itself to the ever-nuanced ever-changing in the markets.

AI is the art and science of mimicking how the mind thinks. Let’s think about this for a second. AI is hot, but let’s ask the question “Who is designed the AI on a project? How well do THEY understand the human mind? Here is a source of design limitation for sure!

All AI design is not created equal. If the average person lies 200 times a day, and a human can only detect lies 52% of the time, it takes more than programming skills to design high-level Deep AI. AR2C is designed by an world-thought leader in automating Deep AI, with over 25 patents, the equivalent of 15 degrees, 4 PhDs, who has managed billion dollar projects for military, aerospace and medicine, and an Intelligence expert in Psychological Operations who can detect deception 90+% percent of the time, who has 3,000 hours technical trading . These are not a couple of kids playing with algos.

And the risk? This is key. AR2C has a Fundamental Fitness Function design that tirelessly, micro-second to micro-second, seeks a mathematical near-zero risk - which means that AR2C will never put the portfolio at risk. Never.

Near zero-risk does not exist in traditional investment risk strategies, upon which typical finance AI models are designed around. However, zero-risk is absolutely fundamental to theoretical math and science, to NASA’s 2020 Mars Mission, or putting SEAL Team 6 onto the rooftop of the world’s most protected and notorious terrorist... and bringing every man back alive. It's a design function.

AR2C will be used to capitalize MTSG’s project development, including micro-finance, and to earn significant profits to the MontSegur team, including the lender/investor. AR2C will never be offered to the public.

A lot has gone into developing the MontSegur project.

The MontSegur Project is created by The Aristotle Group Limited HK is a seasoned, but very private Global Financial Intelligence Group.

MontSegur SA is already created under Swiss Law. It will be operational in 30 days.

AR2C will take approximately 6 months to complete Phase 1, generated profits immediately.

MontSegur Project and Development Bank will be operational within 4 months of funding.

MontSegur's second project (after AR2C is the Pancha Protocols - a complete non-invasive energetic medicine approach to reversing aging based on 5 technologies, 4 of which have been proven to prevent age-related diseases. The 5th, using CRSPR gene splicing is already advanced proven technology. Because of the slow FDA / EMA regulatory process,
the first 2 technologies will only be available to select persons through private clinics in offshore jurisdictions with 18 months. The full 5 will take 3 and half years and $30MM.

MontSegur's third project is Erithacus - a very low cost UAV that has demonstrated perpetual flight (until component break-down), complete autonomous operations with significant application for food production, animal husbandry, communications, and security.

Just the beginning....

Dr. John W. Landgraf of Montsegur S.A.

John W. Landgraf Ph.D. – Executive Director Dr. Landgraf is most responsible for the MontSegur brand as the ultimate brand for financial security in complex and volatile geopolitical world. Dr. Landgraf is a leading expert on offshore banking, specifically applying fundamental and technical overlays to both financial and geopolitical risks. He is also an authority on applying psychological metrics to cultural and political trends, and specifically to leadership and management performance. The combined metrics dramatically enhance the transformation of uncertainty into manageable risk in international transactions, capital preservation, security, and growth, by prognosticating regime and corporate leadership and the overreaching geopolitical and economic trends. Bank clients include UBS, Credit Suisse, Credit Lyonnais, Midland, Barclays, Bank of Austria, Pictet and Cie, and others. Coming to banking from a long career in intelligence, specializing in psychological operations and financial risk, he gained an extensive experience in emerging economies and high-risk environments. A particular focus is Russia and the former CIS, beginning with the democratization of the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s, providing geopolitical perspective to government and NGO think-tanks as well as numerous US and European companies. Subsequently, he directed similar deep-immersion operations during the emergence of China and India. Dr. Landgraf has advised presidential administrations in Taiwan, Austria, and Ukraine on global risk assessment as well as numerous government agencies, and private NGOs internationally. Dr. Landgraf is the former director of an International Offshore Trust company in the Bahamas, providing asset protection and competitive tax strategies to High Net Worth Individuals, as well as designing sophisticated bank and corporate structures for companies seeking entry into international markets to compensate for disadvantages in competitive tax environments. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology and International Relations and has lectured in over 20 countries internationally. He divides his time between California, Hong Kong, Nassau, Bahamas, India, and London. Relevant to the AR2C Trade Platform: Technical Trading – Over 3,000 hours applying pattern reading to forex trading Psychological Operations – specializing in ‘reading’ individuals and collectives for deception, intention, and functionality – key to translating low-noise interpretation of visible and invisible fundamentals for AR2C psychological modules. MontSegur Project Development Bank: – Brings (with the Aristotle Group Intelligence Team) advanced information development skills to assessing global risk in technology development.

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