January 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 569

Q&A with Jeff Pomeranz, Right Side Capital Management

Managing Director

Principal Series:

Right Side Capital Management (“RSCM”), based in San Francisco, is the most active pre-VC stage investment firm in North America. Our team has worked together for 11 years and has invested in 1,100+ technology startups across 4 venture funds since 2012.
We invest in capital-efficient technology companies that are raising smaller round sizes, and at earlier stages, than what most professionally managed funds are able to invest in. We focus on this segment of the startup ecosystem because it is much higher returning than the traditional VC market. We also have virtually no professional competition because the amount of capital sought by companies at this stage is generally too small for traditional VC’s to address.
We use a quantitative, data-driven, selection process to identify optimal investments and build massively diversified portfolios. The result is funds that can systematically and repeatably harvest high returns with much less risk than traditional VC funds.

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January 19th, 2021 • 2:15pm-3:15pm EST

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What are the tax benefits to investors in RSCM Funds?

Our strategy is optimized for tax efficiency. We expect our funds to produce close to zero federal tax liability (and in 45 of 50 states) over the life of the funds by taking advantage of two very impactful, but often overlooked, tax incentives available to very early investors. The first is IRS Rule 1202, which allows the potential for tax free gains for investors in Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS). The second is Rule 1244, which provides more favorable tax treatment on losses for extremely early investors in QSBS stock. We expect the vast majority of our funds’ gains to qualify for the QSBS exemption (section 1202), and most losses count as ordinary losses instead of capital losses (Section 1244).

How is your track record?

We have a great track record. The goal of RSCM funds is to consistently deliver 3 - 5x net return multiples to our investors. Our Fund I is on track for a 4x – 5x net return, and our Funds II & III are trending ahead of where Fund I was at the same point in their lifecycles. All RSCM funds are outperforming the VC industry benchmarks while taking substantially less risk than traditional VC funds.

Why invest in tech startups at the pre-VC stage?

The first reason is returns. Returns in the tech sector are always higher the earlier you go. The second reason is lack of competition. We invest at an earlier stage than other professional investors, even earlier than seed and pre-seed VC firms. As a result, we don’t have to compete with other professional investors for deals. We have an almost unlimited number of deals to choose from because check sizes at this stage are too small for the traditional VC industry to address.

Jeff Pomeranz, Right Side Capital Management

Jeff Pomeranz is a Managing Director of Right Side Capital Management, LLC. Jeff has 28 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to the Right Side Capital, Jeff served for 7 years as Head of Alternative Investments for Legend Merchant Group, Inc., a financial services firm offering investment banking, brokerage & asset management services. He provided marketing & fundraising services and business development advisory for venture capital funds and other alternative investment asset managers. Mr. Pomeranz previously spent 8 years as a founder and President of Hotovec, Pomeranz & Co. LLC, a boutique technology research, investment bank & wealth management firm. The firm specialized in providing highly differentiated research on technology companies. In addition to providing senior leadership to the firm, Mr. Pomeranz built and managed sales teams for institutional research, wealth management and corporate services divisions. He also directed operations, compliance, legal and trading departments. Early in his career, Mr. Pomeranz was a Private Client Financial Consultant for Smith Barney providing wealth management services.
Mr. Pomeranz received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado. Contact Jeff: