February 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 571

Q&A with Patrick Furlotti of You Rip

Founder + CEO

Principal Series:

You Rip democratizes the world of action sports and other skilled communities by providing a platform for athletes to share their video content and compete in virtual or in-person competitions to increase their recognition and earn sponsorship money. Rather than rely on judges or officials, content consumers rate competitors’ challenge performances, creating a more engaging and participatory experience for fans. Video content can be edited and uploaded via the mobile or web app and can be consumed via the web, mobile, and Apple TV app.-INVESTORS ONLY PLEASE

Meet Patrick January 3rd at 2:15pm EST


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What is the market and background?

Virtual competitions are a wide-ranging and well established
facet of modern social and brand interaction.
From TikTok dance challenges to online poker to
coming up with new chip flavors for a major snack
company, virtual competitions are frequently entered by
competitors (and consumed by fans) to win social or
literal currency. Online Fantasy Sports, for example, are a
$7.8B industry, while 2.3 million players would tune into
live trivia on HQ Trivia during its peak in 2018. The game
show Jeopardy has been produced for 54 years and still
draws millions of viewers per episode. This permanence
and prevalence indicates a strong, ongoing demand
to participate in and watch these online and televised

You Rip is launching with a focus on action sports
(surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding) and will expand their
footprint into all skill-based competition from there.

What are the problems and solutions for Athletes as well as Fans?

Regarding Athletes;
Opportunities to compete in, and generate revenue
from, action sports are monopolized by a small group
of heavily sponsored events and athletes that dominate
media exposure and control locations and schedules.
For aspiring athletes there is a barrier to entering higher
levels of competition for these sports and garnering the
recognition they deserve.

On a larger scale, You Rip’s expansion into skill-based
competition across any activity will allow for “athletes” in
any capacity (gymnastics, music, hula-hooping, etc.) to
find each other, build a community, and feel the rush of
competition and recognition.

Using technology, there is an opportunity to give more
people access to skill-based competitions. This direction
eliminates the expenses and risk associated with the
typical event format, reducing barriers to entry. It provides
athletes a space to share content, be discovered, and to
compete, while creating new opportunities to generate
revenue from their skills.

Regarding Fans;
Most platforms where action sports fans consume their
content are not specifically geared towards these sports,
and they need to wade through irrelevant content to get
to the tricks and competitions they are most interested
in. By curating this content, You Rip can become this
audience’s go-to platform for consistently consuming all
things action sports.

Additionally, traditional content streaming platforms put
fans in a passive role when it comes to watching action
sports or any other competitions. You Rip offers fans and
enthusiasts an unparalleled way to follow, engage with,
and influence the success of the athletes they admire:
with the ability to sponsor them financially, become the
judges in their competitions, share their content, and
immerse themselves in the athlete or videographer’s
curated profile.

What has been the timeline of progress?

The first version of the mobile app (v.1.0) was released
in the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store
(Android) in the spring of 2019. Throughout 2020,
incremental improvements were validated by user testing
and then implemented.

Version 2.0 of the mobile app (on iOS and Android) was
released in the fall of 2020 with improved look, feel, user
experience, and performance. The You Rip web app was
also released in the fall of 2020. The You Rip Apple TV
app will be released in the winter of 2020 to round out the
multiple ways fans and athletes can access the platform.

Patrick Furlotti of You Rip

Patrick Furlotti is a technology entrepreneur with more than eight years of experience building and scaling consumer-facing web and mobile applications. Most notably, he founded Projects for Good, an online platform for crowdfunding and facilitating the implementation of humanitarian projects. Formerly a professional surfer, Patrick has vast knowledge into the nuances of the competitive surfing space, as well as connections with professional and semi-pro athletes. He founded You Rip in 2018 to promote people’s accomplishments, as he believes the key to life, whether you’re on a surfboard or within a hula hoop, is to keep ripping. Contact Patrick