October 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 346

Q&A with Jeffrey E. Devers of Nimali Power Partners


Principal Series:

Nimali Power Partners provides innovative investment products and access to renewable energy projects.

Renewable energy projects have become very predictable in performance and their substantial growth has made them the largest source of new power generation in the United States. Nimali’s investment structures take advantage of this trend and are expected to result in investors receiving after-tax returns of at least 120-140% of their investment within the first year, with low expected correlation to the broader markets.

Nimali’s founding team has a proven track record in industry and investments. We have held senior roles in solar, developing and building renewable energy projects across the US and abroad. Moreover, we have decades of expertise in originating, structuring, and managing infrastructure, hedge fund, VC, and PE investments, providing superior products to our investors.

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Why did you form Nimali?

Nimali was born out of a vision to provide family offices and high net worth investors access on a programmatic basis to the superior returns and low risk inherent in the renewable energy market. To date, most equity investment in solar and other markets has been dominated by corporate investors who have been happy to take advantage of the excellent risk vs return profile. Nimali seeks to open the market up to savvy family offices.

Why invest with Nimali versus another firm?

Nimali's founders combine excellent track records in alternative investments and in renewable energy. Our founders have decades of proven experience successfully running investment funds and structuring investment products with strong risk adjusted returns. Our founders also have strong track records originating, developing, and building renewable energy projects across the US with industry leaders. Simply put, we know how to make money for sophisticated investors and protect their interests.

Why renewable energy? Isn't it risky?

"Renewable energy and more specially solar energy are booming. Solar now accounts for the largest proportion of new power in the United States - more than coal, natural gas, or even its cousin wind.

Solar is a proven technology with low technical risk and few moving parts. Solar cells and panels have developed over decades to the point that their expected energy output is straightforward to predict and actual performance versus expected performance is extremely high. With clear capex and opex costs, investment in solar projects provides predictable cashflows, which translates into low expected risk and strong expected returns. Nimali's structuring expertise and knowledge optimizes these investments for family offices and high net worth individuals. "

Jeffrey E. Devers of Nimali Power Partners

Jeffrey E Devers is a proven fund manager and financier with more than three decades of experience across innovative investment strategies. Jeff is a founder and owner of Nimali. He currently provides financial and restructuring advice to companies ranging from startups to multibillion-dollar global companies.

Jeff is the former Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Imperium Partners, an investment firm that specialized in secured lending. Before this, Jeff was the Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Investment Officer of The Palladin Group, an investment firm that specialized in non-merger arbitrage and structured finance. Jeff was also a Co-founder of Ramius Capital Group, later purchased by Cowen and Company.

Overall, Jeff has managed varied and diverse strategies focused on capital preservation and risk mitigation, while producing meaningful non-correlated returns, particularly on a risk adjusted basis.

Nimali Power is a logical extension of this investment strategy where after tax returns in excess of 120% are available to investors in 1 year, with little expected market correlation or risk.

Jeff holds an MBA from Harvard and a BS in Business Administration from Penn State. He is a licensed CPA. Contact Jeff: jed@nimalipower.com