October 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 345

Q&A with Maxim Mikheev of BioMedican, Inc

CEO/CSO, founder

Principal Series:

Biomedican was founded in 2017 and located in Fremont California. We are a global team of experts developing a unique method of cannabinoid biosynthesis production from proprietary yeasts. We can produce high purity rare cannabinoids fast and cost effectively without using plants. Our methods will be significantly cheaper to access more cannabinoids while being more environmentally friendly. Rare Cannabionoids and Terpenes are known to treat a multitude of medical conditions. Making these compounds Pharmaceutical quality and significantly lower priced will allow millions of people to access these rare cannabinoids to treat a multitude of medical conditions. The market for rare cannabinoids is expected to reach 10 billion dollars by 2025. The company has 4 patents pending, raised 3.3 mil to date and is ready for large scale production on 2 current products.

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What problems are you solving using biosynthesis of Rare Cannabinoids?

The Rare Cannabinoids markets is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. The problem is cost, consistent quality and toxins using the plant. We are solving this problem by using biosynthesis which allows us to produce Rare Cannabinoids Faster, Safer, Cheaper and with Pharmaceutical Quality. Biosynthesis technology into the cannabis CPG and Pharma markets and estimated the global market for products derived by cannabinoid biosynthesis to be growing from $10 billion in 2025 to $115 billion by 2040. We have a unique IP that allows us the simplest and fastest way to produce rare cannabinoids which we believe will allow us to produce the highest quality and lowest price products in the market.

What experience does the management team have to produce Biosynthesis of Rare Cannabinoids?

The Company’s CEO Maxim Mikheev MD PHD has significant experience in Inventor of multiple patent applications which are related to genetic modifications. 22 yrs of Genomics experience, Co-Founded 1st Hadoobased Big Data genomic analysis platform BioDatomics, Co-Founded a genomic pathways software start up-BioSof. The company employs 4 PHD’s on the team, 4 patents pending and strategic partnerships with Denmark Technical University, Clemson, Imperial College of London and Moscow university. Our Team and partnerships allows us to leverage a significant global pool of talent specifically in biosynthesis. Which has allowed us to produce significant results in a short period of time on very limited financial resources.

What Rare Cannabinoids are you targeting and why?

We currently can produce CBG/CBGA which is an anti-bacterial. Anti-inflammatory and Bone Stimulant. Our current cost of production is around $5 per gram. The current wholesale market is $25 dollars a gram. We expect to be able to produce CBG/CBGA and several other new strains at less than $1 dollar per gram within 12 mos. These additional strains are THCA(no thc) Anti inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Neuroprotective CBNA/CBN Anti-insomnia, Pain Relief, Anti Anxiety ,
THCVA/THCV Aids memory, Appetite Reduction, Bone stimulant, Neuro protective. We also have Astaxanthin that is ready for large scale production and will be used as Salmon and cattle feed. We are in current discussion with several multi billion dollar corporations for large preorders.

How do the current regulations affect your business opportunities?

We have a natural biosynthesis process not unlike making beer or insulin. It is organic and Non GMO. Our significant advantage over our competitors is we have a legal opinion that says since we never touch the plant or produce THC at any point during our process that we are outside the Federal and State Regulations. Which means we can add this compounds in to a significant amounts of products Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Foods and Candies, Pet Wellness, Cosmetics and Skin care are a few of the markets we are targeting.

Maxim Mikheev of BioMedican, Inc

Max Mikheev M.D, Ph.D, CEO
During his 22 years of genomics experience, Max has been a co-inventor of multiple patent applications related to genetic modifications. He co-founded the first Hadoop-based big data genomic analysis platform – BioDatomics and a genomic pathways software startup in Russia.

Contact Max https://biomedican.com/