February 2023
Vol 9 | Issue 597

Q&A with John Hall of Molecular International Research, Inc.

Vice President Research and Development

Principal Series:

Molecular International Research Inc. is a small biotech company in New York City that has researched and patented a radically new anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory drug. The drug selectively kills tumor cells without systemic toxicity. Efficacy and safety co-exist in our drug creating a break from the profound apprehension that cancer treatment is as dangerous to patients as the cancer itself. The drug works for treatment against most kinds of cancer and synergizes with mainstream therapies which will promote adoption by the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Initial valuation of the patent focused on three applications: pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and inflammation. For these applications, based on conservative assumptions (e.g., 15% market share), the Fair Market Value of the patent is $799 million. Additional applications will increase the value significantly.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights featuring biotech inventor and executive, John Hall PhD of Molecular International Research Inc. MIR’s cancer therapy removes the toxicities associated with conventional drugs. Potential investors are invited to learn about this landmark invention and to consider investing to fund the transition from patent to human clinical trials. The goal of this critical next step in drug development is an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) to the FDA.

February 22, 2023 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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Why do you focus on pancreatic and lung cancer?

First, current therapies for these hard-to-treat cancers don’t work, so there is an urgent need for new and successful therapies. Broad spectrum means that many additional cancers can be treated by our method.

Why is activity against cancer stem cells important?

Cancer stem cells make up a minor population of the cells in a tumor that are resistant to mainstream cancer therapies and ultimately enable metastasis and cancer recurrence. Activity against cancer stem cells is vital for next generation cancer treatments.

Please provide examples of the inflammation application.

Our drug regulates the immune signals that recruit white blood cells to sites of infection or injury and can prevent the tissue damage that occurs in persistent infections (cytokine storm and sepsis). Our synthetic molecule will work for many types of chronic inflammation.

John Hall of Molecular International Research, Inc.

John Hall was born and raised in Princeton. He was a graduate fellow at Princeton University in Biochemistry, and he completed his PhD at New York University Medical Center, in the Department of Biochemistry. John was appointed to the faculty at Rockefeller University, in Cell Biology. His research focused on microtubule organizing centers, structures critical to the cell division process that is dysregulated in cancer. He served as President and CEO of Motility Research Corporation and is now Vice President for Research and Development at Molecular International Research, Inc. In addition to his talent for developing intellectual property, his expertise spans basic research, applied biomedical research, and clinical research in human trials. Contact John: john@molecularny.com