January 2023
Vol 9 | Issue 596

Q&A with Neil Keegan of Marlinspike


Luminary Series:

Marlinspike is a Mission Driven firm. We invest in the Best of the Bold. We have a sole focus on “dual use” technology companies. These are companies that solve challenges for National Security and also create innovative applications for massive commercial adoption. Marlinspike has a dedicated team of experts with a unified vision and complimentary skillsets. Our team has deep experience in private and public markets, venture and growth equity investing, military and intelligence community service, and family office management.

Join us for a private Family Office Insight Webinar featuring Neil Keegan, Co-founder and CEO of Marlinspike Partners, the General Partner of the Marlinspike Disruptive Technology Fund. Prior to Marlinspike, Neil was the CEO and CIO of a Single-Family Office, is a Goldman Sachs alumnus, and a U.S. Navy veteran.

Marlinspike is a specialist “dual-use” fund, solely focused on investing in companies pioneering technologies that address core national security interests with massive commercial applications. They focus on five key growth and innovation sectors: AI/Analytics, Autonomy/Robotics/Aerospace, Space, and Cyber. They are in the market now with their first fund and have invested in 5 dynamic companies to date, with number 6 on the way.

January 19, 2023 at 11:15am-12:15pm EST
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Why did you and your partners create Marlinspike?

We saw a huge opportunity to deploy capital into companies that mattered and make an impact. We have a mission driven attitude, and we seek to make a difference for national security thru technological innovation. We also believe our companies can make a positive impact for commercial markets as well, and via massive scale and adoption, can drive significant investment returns. Having a dedicated fund was the most efficient way to build and grow a team of experts, and to have committed capital to implement our strategy.

What makes your team different?

The Marlinspike Edge:
• Team – unique and diverse experience. Unified vision and complimentary skillsets. The team was constructed by design to drive returns for the fund. Discuss backgrounds of the team members: Mislav, Chip, Tim, Nick, Will.
• Access & ecosystem – extensive networks of professional relationships, built over years, hard to replicate. Deep connectivity to the Intelligence Community (the CIA in particular), Department of Defense, innovation units of the DoD (i.e. DARPA), Wall Street & Silicon Valley. Expand on In-Q-Tel relationship - discuss Cyber fireside chat.
• Investment playbook – leverages eco-system to gain access to hard to get to deals. Post investment the team works closely with management to drive growth and provide strategic advice and introductions. Elroy and US Navy example.
• Team is known in the dual-use marketplace as a “value added” and “go-to” cap table investor. - Privateer, Elroy and RenderedAI examples.

What's an example of one or two of your companies in the portfolio, and why like them?

We will discuss Voyager Space and Anduril.

Neil Keegan of Marlinspike

• CEO/CIO Roanoke Capital Mgmt. (SFO)
• Goldman Sachs
• Masters – Johns Hopkins SAIS
• U.S. Navy
• U.S. Naval Academy

Contact Neil: neil@marlinspike.us