March 2022
Vol 8 | Issue 588

Q&A with Joseph Gissy of Tactive


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Tactive, a dba of Strategy Marketplace, is a Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) with dynamic AI-powered strategies giving the average investor access to financial strategies typically reserved for large institutions and hedge fund managers.

The user-friendly platform allows individuals to select a financial goal and answer a few questions to determine their risk tolerance. The platform uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to provide several blended and individual robo strategies from its exclusive, vetted roster of experienced financial strategists. With as little as $500, an account can be opened, then sit back and watch how the investment performs.

“We like to use the analogy of professional baseball pitchers, the best of the best, but it is unreasonable to think one person can pitch a perfect game every time,” said Joseph Gissy, founder and CEO. “The same goes for financial strategists; that’s why we offer the option to blend strategies from our exclusive roster.

Tactive also helps financial advisors with its innovative FinTech and WealthTech solutions and access to its platform-unique strategies.

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Learn how you can participate in a unique opportunity to disrupt the financial industry as Tactive continues its momentum with its Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) with dynamic AI-powered strategies.

With its user-friendly interface and 90-day free platform guarantee, Tactive provides access to strategies typically reserved for large institutions and hedge fund managers. Investors can select one strategy or combine multiple strategies based on their financial goals. In addition, it is the first tactical TAMP to offer strategies for both traditional and crypto assets with a robo-advisory component.

Winner of the 2021’s Tactical Robo Advisory TAMP and named on the WealthTech 100 and America’s Best TAMPS, savvy accredited investors should RSVP now.

March 2, 2022 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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What Positive Early Traction Has the Company Achieved?

Strategy Marketplace is currently transitioning $235 million in assets under management (AUM). The AUM represents $2.3 million in annual gross revenue and anticipates this transition to be completed by Q1 2022.

In addition, the platform continues to generate positive exposure. Named the 2021 Winner of the Industry Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Digital Advisors “Robo,” WealthTech’s Top 100, and nominated as America’s Best TAMP.

Are the Founders Passionate and Determined?

Are the Founders Passionate and Determined?

Our executive team kicked off the company using the highly acclaimed Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) protocol to establish the core values of the company, including the following:
• Fiduciary-Powered: Clients Needs First, Always
• Relentlessly Driven
• Create & Evolve Visionary Technology
• Adaptable & Collaborative
• Consistently Improving

The vision is to provide access and financial independence to individuals through evolving technology.

The reason behind our team’s passion for Strategy Marketplace and the implementation of the EOS system is our clear roadmap of goals for success in years one, three, five, and ten.

How Will My Investment Capital Be Used and What Progress Will Be Made With That Capital?

With the current assets under management (AUM), we need additional resources for the rapid growth we are experiencing. In addition, the capital will support the ongoing platform development and rollout in the US and global markets.

Joseph Gissy of Tactive

Joseph Gissy is a businessman, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Strategy Marketplace.

Gissy began his career in Los Angeles, where he worked in the consumer products industry for nearly a decade, launching multiple well-known product brands. During this time, his interest in the financial space grew, so he took an apprenticeship with Capital Management Services, where he initially served on the trading desk.

By 2014, he expanded his role as a financial advisor for high-net-worth individuals and became the Chief Operating Officer for the company. At the time, the firm had approximately $20M in assets under management. By December 2019, the firm reported roughly $120M in assets under management and an additional $60M in assets under advisement.

Gissy also took on the role of co-founder and partner of Lancia Innovations and Lancia Security Aggregators from 2017-2019, which focused on raising capital for the Physical Security Market. This experience helped Gissy advance his knowledge of fundraising capital for companies, aggregating specific business niches to advance capital gains, and a way to structure business entities to achieve cross-pollination and success across multiple platforms.

With the launch of Strategy Marketplace, Gissy aims to accelerate growth by bringing on key partners and top talent to implement cohesion and consistency for all the brands while encouraging collaboration.

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