January 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 274

Q&A with Michael Choniski, Trendhaven Investment Management, LLC

Founder and Managing Director

Principal Series:

Trendhaven manages a tried and proven liquid alternative strategy in separately managed accounts. The strategy has an Absolute Return investment goal. The non-traditional bond strategy has a 20-year verified track record of enhanced returns and single digit maximum drawdown. This conservative approach essentially de-risks a risk asset class using proprietary quantitative analytics. The resilience of this strategy is illustrated by its performance through a range of economic and market conditions. It can be used to help increase the certainty of returns, manage fixed income exposure, or replace buy & hold allocations to any risk assets or alternatives.

Direct access to the proprietary trend-following signals for in-house use may be considered for larger advisory firms, family offices or pension managers with sufficient allocation potential.


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Why should I consider an allocation to a conservative absolute return strategy?

We are ten years into an everything rally. The reach for yield has driven prices up and forced many investors further out on the risk curve. A proven absolute return approach will keep you invested when it makes sense and take you to the sidelines when appropriate. You should consider protecting gains.

Why not just rely upon diversification to manage risk of loss?

History shows us that price change correlations vary widely over time, and tend to correlate to the downside in major market corrections. Even if you can ride out drawdown and recovery cycles, why do that if you don't have to? Enhanced returns and low drawdown are possible with the right focus and analytics.

Why is this absolute return approach special?

It has a 28 year verified real-money track record that spans a variety of economic and market conditions, including two major market corrections. It is based on proprietary quantitative analytics available to only a handful of advisors.

Michael Choniski, Trendhaven Investment Management, LLC

Decades of advisory and consulting based on fundamental valuation turned me into a trend-follower. 

mike@trendhaven.net (203) 448-5185