January 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 275

Q&A with Joseph Marsh of IconiqAllure


Principal Series:

IconiqAllure is creating next-gen undercover ballistic protection for fashion & athleisure clothing that is flexible and comfortable for everyday wear. Our company sits at the intersection of Fashion and Aerospace to bring a new era of dual-industry innovation. Combining aerospace technologies and applying it to the fashion industry redefines the boundaries of the traditional industries that have been considered separate, until now.

IconiqAllure’s ideal customer is law enforcement (LEOs), business professionals, celebrities, grandparents, parents, and kids who often are unprotected in unexpected harmful situations. IconiqAllure is currently looking for investors that want to join the mission to bring a more protected tomorrow.

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What problem in the market has your company identified?

In 2011, just down the street from where I grew up a Senator and 18 others were injured. And then in 2017 I thought “Enough is enough?” when a church massacre in TX left 26 fatally wounded and 20 others injured. IconiqAllure was born, with a mission to provide consumers with the peace of mind in the event of pending danger. We provide fashion & active-wear that has discrete ballistic protection for business professionals like yourself; as well as your spouse, partner, parents and kids

What statistics or trends support your startup's premise?

Now here are the facts, the US has 5% of the world pop & a 1/3rd of all mass shootings. There were 173 shootings from ‘09 to ’17 and unfortunately, the majority of Americans aren’t protected in harmful situations. What’s great, is the market is already growing. Traditionally, body armor is normally associated with law enforcement and the military. When it comes to the general public, most want to be protected, yet without the unwanted attention. We’re redefining the body armor market by diverging into the flexible $83.8 billion athleisure industry, in addition to law enforcement.

What is your startup's go-to-market strategy and when do you expect to break-even?

Our go-to-market strategy is broken down into 3 phases with a mixture of hard and soft body armor. 1st, we’re providing uniforms to Law enforcement through a contract structure on milestone payments. During this time, we’ll build our revenue and prepare the launch for Phase 2 & 3. Phase II launches our private security sector, and professional line, followed by our launch to the wider public, to whom we’re providing jackets, outfits, and active wear.

As shared, Phase 1 will bring to market the hard body armor for law enforcement. Due to our tiered launch, we expect the hard body armor to break-even in 12 to 18 months, which provides additional funds for bringing the active wear to market. As a whole, we expect to break-even at 24 to 30 months, based on market feedback and the potential for profit by the 3rd year.

Joseph Marsh of IconiqAllure

Joseph Marsh founded IconiqAllure to fight the social problem of decreased safety in our day-to-day lives. He is a highly-skilled, entrepreneurial-minded leader who is an accomplished aerospace-industry professional with a track record of results-driven success in his career. Joseph began his career in the U.S. Navy, where he obtained overseas experience and served as a T-56 Powerplant Technician and Aircraft Powerplant Inspector/Mechanic. In the private sector, Joseph has worked in various capacities as a contractor for aerospace companies while transitioning to the fashion industry as an Apparel Product Rep with Fashionablyin. Contact Joseph: