January 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 276

Q&A with Adeel Javaid of CelebConnect


Principal Series:

CelebConnect is going to launch social media app TownChat & web platform TownPals with unique features not provided by WhatsApp, WeChat and Nextdoor. It will address privacy issues by providing secure sign up & sign in through facial recognition. TownChat will provide augmented connectivity to more than 4 billion people worldwide who are not connected to internet. TownChat is first ever app that will allow off internet messaging. Organizations can create public rooms for customer experience. Through TownChat every user will be assigned unique TownChat ID so that phone numbers of users could be protected from being revealed. For initiating messaging both users will need to follow each other. All users particularly females will have option to keep their accounts private so that no one could search and follow them and they could engage in messaging only with friends and family members.

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How TownChat will solve social media harassment issues?

As per research almost 60% of social media complaints are about harassment of females. On TownChat no one else will be able to track private profiles and even for public profiles no one will be able to send message unless the user follows that person back. It will provide females confidence to use TownChat App only for connecting with friends and family members without fear of spam messages from third parties and users whom they do not know. On TownChat we have also used AI/ML based filters that will not allow any toxic comments and pornographic content to be uploaded in any form.

How TownChat is better than WhatsApp and other competitors?

TownChat protects the identity and privacy of its users by providing users the option to keep their profile totally private. All private profiles will not appear in any search except search on the basis of TownChat ID. Also on TownChat users can create only 1 profile per user which means no fake accounts will be allowed on TownChat. On TownChat Tourists can search local people through city name. They can also search for nearby users and can follow them and upon following back they can start conversation with each other.

What is Market Size and Current Development and Traction? (Any KPIs)

Our Total Addressable Market (TAM) is $1000 Billion with 17.8% Compound Annual Growth Rate. We have successfully completed and tested our MVP with 200 users to find our Product Market Fit. Our KPIs include 95% users engagement rate, 22K users sessions, 80% NPS, 100% users retention rate.

Adeel Javaid of CelebConnect

Serial Entrepreneur and Techstars Mentor. External Expert for European Co-operation in Science and Technology (COST Office). Previously served as Member Vendor Advisory Council of CompTIA. Senior Fellow of Management and Strategy Institute. Corporate Leadership Certified. Certified at Six Sigma Black Belt level. Contact Adeel