January 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 277

Q&A with YOU! Would You Care to Have You & Your Company Featured Here?

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For the next four days, you can publish and socialize your, business, opportunity, event or service, in the highly acclaimed Peer Insights Report Q&A for 80% OFF. An abstract and Q&A exclusively about you! You can see examples of 100’s of your peers that have published here .

Private is Power…for over 20 years, Family Office Insights has been the community of choice for thoughtful, active, family offices seeking unique and interesting opportunities and services.

Yes, family offices are elusive, super private, and hard to find. However, they are trying to find you too! Make it easier for them to find you. Family Office Insights will publish for you, your very own Peer Insights Report Q&A. Exclusively about you!

Would connecting with family offices be helpful to you in 2020? Family Office Insights Peer Insights Report Q&A is the most read opportunity publication in the private world of family offices. Well thought of, well delivered, well read, and an excellent way to let family offices know about your:

  • Desire to connect with investors that also can help with business development.
  • Your current or next round of fundraising raising your next round.
  • Service that they may benefit from or appreciate.

Don’t worry, the process is simple, fast, and no one is better than you at telling your story, and in your own voice!

Once you have purchased your Peer Insights Report Q&A for $595.00 rather than the standard $3,000.00 to publish your, business, opportunity, event or service, it is a simple, fast, 4 step process. ​

  1. Complete Google Forms intake form we provide.
  2. We will produce a publish ready draft link for your review and approval.
  3. Once you approve final draft, we will schedule publish date (generally within 24-48 hours). When we publish on the Family office Insights websites, we also email it directly to all 22,000+ subscribers and socialize on social media channels.
  4. Enjoy!! You can now use the Peer Insights Report Q&A as you wish. In your promotions, media kits, send directly to your clients or customers as a link or PDF. Post it on your website and social media. You own all the rights!

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I’m holding this “New Year’s Special” sale to offer to those who are in a position to act early, have a meaningful opportunity to share, and care to start the year off connecting with the 20,000 plus Family Office Insights investor community. The community has an appetite to discover interesting deal flow & opportunities, and keen to connect. They simply need to know who you are.

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* Bonus 1: Full Rights to Your Own Peer Insights Report Q&A.

Full download, publishing and duplication rights for your own Family Office Insights published Peer Insights Report Q&A forever. You own it!

If you’re seeking to connect with the “hard to find” family office community and help them find you. This is for you.

* Bonus 2: Social Media Posting of Your Peer Insights Report Q&A by Family Office Insights.

Social media post’s and comments by Family Office Insights Social Media. Family Office Insights Social Media will share your story with the extended Family Office Insights Community.

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One free attendee ticket to the exclusive, Family Office only, and highly respected Family Office Insights-Family Office Impact Investor Conference in September 2020 .

* Bonus 4: Free Report: Seven Principles for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Attract Family Office Investors

Have you ever wondered how those who have successfully pitched family office investors made it happen? Well, it’s all about finding them, connecting early & often and pitching in a very precise way. In this exclusive bonus, you’ll see exactly how they do it so you too can get good results much sooner.

* Bonus 5:  List of top 100 multi family offices.

Everybody is looking to connect with family offices and are often frustrated.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! In this bonus, you’ll receive a report of the top 100 multi family offices with:

  • Website
  • Who to contact with email addresses and phone numbers
  • Assets under management
  • Number of families
  • Ranking

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Arthur Andrew Bavelas

Founder Family Office Insights

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YOU! Would You Care to Have You & Your Company Featured Here?


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