October 2019
Vol 6 | Issue 256

Q&A with Michele Bongiovanni of HealRWorld


Principal Series:

HealRWorld® is a woman-owned, social impact entity that provides ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) big data insights on private companies with platforms to foster a more inclusive and regenerative global economy. Our strategy combines data with digital and media channels to create a powerful ecosystem promoting our 1.2M private sustainably-committed companies (and growing) that represent over $6T+ in global annual sales and nearly 20M employees. Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)–the leader in private company business information—analyzed our data and found that on average our companies are 3x more creditworthy than their peers and are ‘doing well by doing good.’ To drive engagement with our network, our founder is launching a new social impact reality series called Angels.Inc. Website below, video via HealRWorld logo on the right.

Family Office Insights is a voluntary, “opt-in” collaborative peer-to-peer community of single family offices, qualified investors and institutional investors. Join the community here www.familyofficeinsights.com

What makes HealRWorld different from other ESG data providers?

HealRWorld is focused on the private sector. Most ESG providers are focused on public companies...but we believe that focusing on the SME (small and mid-sized enterprise) globally can create massive change. SMEs suffer a $5T funding deficit globally...but our data proves that private companies committed to 'People, Planet and Profit' outperform their peers and are on average 3 times more creditworthy. Our strategy is to leverage this finding to help spur appropriately priced lending and investment into these purpose-driven enterprises. After all, SMEs employ nearly half of the world's population and are critical to key development issues like clean energy, water, health services, and education. They fuel cross-border eCommerce in emerging and developed markets—the fastest growing segment of global trade. We simply will not achieve the Sustainable Development Goals without a clear focus on supporting this deserving segment of business.

What qualifications does your team have to execute upon this massive vision?

Our team is comprised of seasoned executives from the big data and financial services industry that have a deep understanding of private company risk and credit data and delivery platforms. Many of our team members came from Dun & Bradstreet and worked cross functionally with expertise spanning strategy, business, technology, engineering, and sales. Further, our advisors are the top knowledge experts across AI and sustainability, and also include the ex-CFO of D&B. Most of all, however, our team is passionate about creating a better world by supporting the companies who share our commitment. We believe that capitalism can be a force for good.

Why do you believe that your work is so critical to supporting the SDGs?

According to the 2018 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Report, “The lack of expertise and resources for reporting by small and medium-sized enterprises, which play a key role in some economies, especially in developing countries, is highly problematic for the SDGs. Divergent initiatives, programmes, messages, and policies further fragment the potential for a global movement led by MSMEs to achieve the SDGs.” HealRWorld has been architected to help solve the very issues that the UN cites in this report. We’ve mapped our entire database to the SDGs and created tools for consumers, investors, corporations and governments to find and patronize these companies. Further, we’ve created easy-to-use self-reporting tools for SMEs to commit to the SDGs with a powerful loyalty program entitled, SPEC—Sustain Planet Earth Committed®. Our deep understanding of the industry can help propel a movement for change in the private sector.

Michele Bongiovanni of HealRWorld

Michele Bongiovanni is the CEO and Founder of HealRWorld®, Disruptive Data Network (a human trafficking big data sharing consortium) and Angels.Inc–a social impact media business.
Michele’s led corporate strategy, marketing, and online product development/management for over 25 years in the financial services sector and as an innovator has created multiple patents for Fortune 500 companies. Michele feels very blessed to have been able to leverage her passion for innovation and entrepreneurship at BlackRock, Dow Jones & Co., D&B, McCann Erickson & Merrill Lynch & Company.
She served as Senior Director of Product Development and Innovation at D&B and led the conceptualization and development of an online system for real time detection/rating of small business fraud which was patented by D&B. In addition to her online expertise, she served on the Merrill Lynch Global Bank Platform Team leading client research and strategy and managed the $2B lockbox product in partnership with PNC Bank where she innovated and patented Merrill’s lockbox sales management tool. She also led the Communications Strategy Team for the Merrill Lynch Global Bank Group.
Ms. Bongiovanni has been invited to speak at the United Nations, The World Bank, New Jersey Innovation Institute and other thought leadership venues and has received numerous awards for her work at HealRWorld, including most recently the Global Peace Award (from the Celebration of Peace UN Event celebrating 150 Years of Gandhi), as a Top Leader in Data in Technology Supporting the SDGs by D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) and Tableau Foundation, was a finalist in the 2018 Sustainable Brands Innovation Open and awarded the first ever New Jersey Higher Education Social Impact Award. She is an advocate for women-led businesses and passionate about leveraging social impact to better our world through “business for good.” She is also a member of UN Women. Contact Michele: