December 2022
Vol 8 | Issue 591

Q&A with Nikolai Yinger of Helge Capital

Capital Markets

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Helge Capital is a real estate operating company with core competencies in value-add, development, management, and long-term ownership of multifamily and workforce housing in the Boston area.

We utilize our turn-around management skills in value-add properties to improve cash-flow and greatly increase asset values. In developments, we build-to-hold for cash-flow and appreciation. Our vertically integrated in-house property management and control infrastructure gives Helge the cutting-edge operating efficiency. Built on a record of performance and sustainable growth, Helge thrives in all economic cycles with a healthy balance of stabilized and development assets.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Oleg Uritsky, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Helge Capital. Oleg has built many successful companies, and since 2014 has been focusing solely on multifamily real estate investment in the Boston Area. At Helge Capital, we are focused on creating the greatest returns within our market, and we are the professionals of the area. If you are looking to invest in Boston Real estate, there is no better option than through Helge Capital.

December 14, 2022 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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How much experience do you have, and what are your plans for growth? Additionally, how many deals are you doing per year?

With nearly 20 years of experience, Helge Capital has a long track record of successful investments. In prior years we have done 2 deals per year, but now we are expecting to do 4 deals per year. We are well positioned for any economic turbulence, and are prepared to deploy capital at the best deals as they come.

How much do you co-invest in your deals, and what kind of partners do you have?

Helge Capital employees invest roughly 30% of the equity on every deal, and most of our investors are high-net-worth individuals and family offices.

What kind of commitment are you looking for?

We are looking for commitments of at least $1 million per deal.

Nikolai Yinger of Helge Capital

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