October 2019
Vol 6 | Issue 254

Q&A with Paul Kephart of Nutjobs Inc.

CEO and Founder

Principal Series:

NutJobs™ (the “Company”) is a biomaterials company whose mission is to transform nutshell waste by-products into bio-benign product alternatives to plastic. Our first target markets are single use plastics and polystyrene.

The Company received its seed funding in May and is now going out for its Friends & Family round. The Management Team of the Company is: Paul Kephart (CEO), Paul Sunshine (Pres) and Marta Kephart (COO). The Board of the Company is Paul Kephart and Jeff Clarke.

Our first to market products in 2020 will be our Alma line for horticulture, consisting of planting pots (AlmaPot™), seedling trays (AlmaTray™) and sheet mulch (AlmaSheet™). We are concurrently developing products and systems for consumer packaging, including insulated delivery system (AlmaPak™). We are concurrently developing products and systems for consumer packaging, including an insulated wine delivery system (AlmaPak™).

The Company is developing its intellectual property portfolio of patents and trademarks. The Company has filed trademark applications covering its Alma line of products and the NutJobs corporate name.

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Why would a family office want to invest in Nutjobs?

Nutjobs Management has a proven track record of managing complex large-scale projects and we can deliver on our promise, mission, and business objectives. We can do this with our team who are focused on building or production capacity, protecting our intellectual property, monetizing on products early on, and creating a network of customers, influencers. Creating business partners who can utilize and endorse our products. Investing in Nutjobs aligns a family office with with our company that has a viable solution to bio plastics that can displace and replace plastics and polystyrene in the world of packaging and bio material developments.

What can Nutjobs do that no one in this space can?

Nutjobs can utilize a free source of agricultural waste that contains mechanical and physical properties of plastic and polystyrene. We can do this because of our partnerships with the 1st and 2nd largest hulling and shelling operators. We are currently prototyping customer driven packaging and packing derivatives currently not available as alternatives to plastics.

What are Nutjobs three biggest challenges and how can you overcome them?

1. Developing pellets and resins that can be adopted to commercial molding operations: We have partnered with the best private laboratory with a proven track record on the commercialization of bio-plastic material technologies. 2. Monetizing on our products early on: We can do this by focusing on making and selling products and organically growing these markets and responding to emerging market demands. 3. Managing cash flow: We can do this by sharing resources of our parent company while we grow the Nutjobs business.

Paul Kephart of Nutjobs Inc.

Paul Kephart, Founder and CEO. A award-winning pioneer, innovator, systems thinker and patent holder of ecological design and living architectural systems. For over three decades, as founder and principal landscape architect and ecologist for RANA the Cohabitat Co., Paul has given himself to observation and scientific understanding the great diversity of natural systems and has applied his extensive knowledge of architecture, master-planning, construction and product design globally. Contact Paul