June 2019
Vol 6 | Issue 230

Q&A with Ryan Herd, Founder of Caregiver Smart Solutions


Principle Series:

Caregiver Smart Solutions makes it easier, non invasive and more affordable to monitor your loved ones at home. By giving you the insights of what is happening in the home we aim to prevent re-hospitalizations and drive down health care costs by allowing older adults to safely age in their existing homes and communities. We believe behavior is an indicator of health and the adult children caregivers are undeserved as technology impacts Aging in Place. From the UAE to the USA we all have someone we love and care about and want to make sure are OK.

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What is your 90 second pitch?

As of today there are more than 50 million Americans 65 and older
And, 87% of them want to age in place – in their homes. They dread the thought of moving to a nursing home.

We all worry about our older loved ones who live alone especially if we don’t live nearby.

But, how do we know if they’re okay? Are they eating? Are they moving around or just sitting in front of the TV all day? And then there is the dreaded fall.

Cameras are intrusive and they are not wearing their pendants.

Caregiver Smart Solutions has the answer.

Our solution is comprised of tiny, peace-of-mind non-intrusive sensors that are placed discretely around the home and provide insights using real-time data. These sensors monitor our loved ones activities and feed information to our app.

In the seconds it takes to open the app, you can know that your loved one is eating, sleeping normally, and moving around. But, it also gives you insights for early detection of problems. You can see if there are changes in their sleeping and eating patterns, visits to the bathroom or change in activity level.

The sensors also provide proactive fall detection that reduces the time it takes for you to know about and react to a catastrophic fall.

We are currently selling our 4 Room package – covering the main rooms of a home for $499 with white glove installation and $45 a month monitoring.

Eventually our solution will generate a revenue opportunity for the Eldercare, Medical and Insurance Industries.

How is your solution uniquely addressing this problem?

1. We believe behavior is an indicator of health.
2. We require no actions by aging loved ones
3. We compress the time between event and caregiver action
4. Utilizing non-invasive sensor technology we provide loved ones, paid caregivers, the medical community and insurance providers with easy access to insight into how their loved one is doing. We can monitor all daily activities as well as Proactive fall detection, UTI, non 24, early dementia. Best of all see all of this through a simple app.

Who is your customer and how do you plan on acquiring them?

Our target customer is:
1. The unpaid family caregiver
2. The in-home care franchises
3. Assisted living communities
4. Rehab facilities
5. Insurance companies including long term disability and Medicare/Medicaid.

Our work within the elder care community is raising awareness. We will utilize various strategies targeting aging adults (i.e. traditional print, event sponsorship at 55+ communities and popular senior centers, etc.) while using digital and social campaigns to attract 45-65 adult children demographic.

Ryan Herd, Founder of Caregiver Smart Solutions
Hi my name is Ryan Herd my team and I founded and run 1 Sound Choice, a successful Smart Home technology company, where we work to bring the “magic” of technology to consumers. My passion for Smart Home led me to write the book, “Join the Smart Home Revolution” and travel the nation working with major companies speaking about incredible tech products. While Smart Home technology has changed the way we enjoy our homes and modernized some rather routine tasks (unlocking a door, thermostat adjustments, etc.), I have spent years searching for how modern tech would truly impact our lives. My personal experience caring for my parents and grandmother allowed me to recognize how the increased popularity of “Aging in Place,” our loved ones wanting to live out their “golden” years at home, can be greatly enhanced through our use of modern amenities and data. I would like to introduce you to Caregiver Smart Solutions, a new company I have founded. Our goal is to provide caregivers – people like me – comfort in knowing that everything is OK with our loved one. Our sensors provide us with constant non-intrusive looks into our loved one’s activities (eating, movement, medicine consumption and even bathroom visits) and accrues data that augments what we, and paid caregivers, see and hear. This allows us to ask the right questions and determine if we have the proper care in place for the ones we love.
Thank you!
Ryan Herd