June 2019
Vol 6 | Issue 231

Q&A with DoYeop Kim of BlueVisor

Cofounder and CEO

Principle Series:

AI Tech company, its AI, HB+ endorsed by Korean financial regulator as Korea’s #1 profit generating AI wealth manager.

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What pain points you trying to eliminate?

When you want to invest, you have two options. First, go to wealth manager but he/she will take considerable money for commissions, performance fee, etc. Second, you do it yourself by sacrificing your after working hours to study, monitor, follow up, put order and more and more, eventually either way you are giving up money or time. HB+, BlueVisor’s AI is eliminating both pain points to let you live and enjoy your life while HB+ is serving for your prosperity 24/7 restlessly.

BlueVisor's traction so far?

We’ve been incorporated on Nov 2017 at Seoul right after Korean financial regulator’s RA testbed results came out as Korea’s #1 profit generating AI. Since then we are focused on cutting edge of our AI to perform flawlessly. 2018-2019 our revenue is US$1.8MM from B2B to licensing our AI to construction company for employee compensation to increase employee retention rates. For B2C, we are running for ‘free trial’ from mid-Jan 2019, so far, we have 160 testers and they deposited US$1MM (B2C AUM) only by word-of-mouth marketing, please feel free to participate free trial.

What is your next plan?

The reason why we participate ‘Family Office Funding Challenge’ is to land US more efficiently and wisely. Luckily, we won second cohort of the challenge, hoping for find family office and strategic partners to work to explore exciting journey of AI-FinTech world with us.

DoYeop Kim of BlueVisor
Served for the United Nations decade, he has extensive experiences working in conflict and post-conflict settings, covering wide range of continents, such as Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Having been appointed to various leadership roles within the UN, he has proven track record to strategies and lead various operations. After the retirement, He found vision in Artificial Intelligence, He co-founded BlueVisor which is his second startup and currently focusing on elevate its business scale and growth to the next level by providing A.I. wealth management service. He continuously explores FinTech-AI field to adopt, improvise and establish BlueVisor’s success.​