May 2024
Vol 10 | Issue 335

Q&A with Tom Bishop of Paleblue


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Paleblue makes high-tech li-ion batteries as a better, drop-in replacement for alkaline batteries, saving customers a lot of money, time, and waste.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Tom Bishop of Paleblue (Pale Blue Earth Inc),

10 million household batteries are thrown away every day in the USA, only 5% are recycled. Consumers are looking for a better way.

Paleblue has modernized the household battery, bringing together the best of Li-ion power and microelectronics to create high performing, convenient, sustainable batteries.

With 2.5 million batteries sold, Paleblue has found success in DTC, International and Retail channels. We are now raising to support growth and expansion into retail.

June 26, 2024 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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How do you products compare to the older generation of rechargeables?

Paleblue are higher voltage, faster charging, more convenient, more reliable and have a better ROI than NiMH rechargeables.

Why did you incporporate USB ports into the batteries, does that not sacrifice capacity to integrate the BMS?

While we do give up a small amount of space for the BMS, it's necessary to properly manage the Li-ion cell and to enable USB charging. Fortunately, the power density and power performance of Li-ion give us performance advantages. What we realized was that consumers need convenience. When you need a battery, you need it now or very soon, so fast charging by USB wherever you happen to be (no need for an AC outlet and a wall charger) is super important. The other benefit of USB is that it is super intuitive. If you can plug it in, you are good, it's that simple.

Beyond the product attributes, what are you competitive advantages?

While the stackup of rational attributes and benefits of the products is fantastic, we also believe that connecting with customers on an emotional and values-based level is super important. We understand the value of brand for consumers, and also for retailers and partnerships. We've been super excited to see a lot of organic outreach from great brands for partnerships indicating that not only are we the market leaders, but that great brands are looking to work with us to bring our benefits to their customers.

Tom Bishop of Paleblue

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