May 2024
Vol 10 | Issue 329

Q&A with Dr. Frank Glatz of Contact Organics


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Update: Contact Organics unconditional EPA approval Media Release attached. Click on DOWNLOAD REPORT

Contact Organics develops and manufactures proprietary, high performance, non-toxic weed management products that are beneficial to soil microbiology and fertility, improving soil carbon sequestration potential, saving water, all while improving farmers’ unit economics. Data supporting these claims is backed by a two year University of Missouri soil study. The company holds a strong patent portfolio, and its growth is fuelled by the global trend towards environmentally sustainable weed management and agriculture. Contact Organics markets its FireHawk Bioherbicide products to target markets of regenerative farming, municipality and commercial, crop desiccation, vineyards, specialty horticulture, home and garden, landscaping, and glyphosate resistant invasive weed control. FireHawk is a drop-in product for standard sprayers, no investment in equipment needed.

Established in Australia in 2015, the company Headquarters are in Melbourne. Contact Organics USA business is located in Maurice, Iowa. Products are manufactured in Bangkok, Thailand, and Atlanta, USA, and sold directly to end-users throughout USA, Australia and New Zealand. The company can scale manufacturing cheaply with $250K CAPEX increasing revenues capacity to $100M.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Dr. Frank Glatz, PhD organic chemistry, CEO of Contact Organics and a successful international serial entrepreneur with a strong track record in global commercialization of environmental products and technology.

We are honored to have Contact Organics Advisory Board member Gabe Brown joining the webinar as special guest speaker. Gabe is a high-profile pioneer in regenerative agriculture and soil health, catalyzing the transformation of farmland from an environmental problem to a solution. He is a leader in education of regenerative farming practices and reaches thousands of farmers annually through speaking and consulting engagements and through training sessions offered through the non-profit Soil Health Academy. Additionally, his book, Dirt to Soil: One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture, has become a key resource for both novice and seasoned farmers.

Contact Organics has developed and is commercializing globally a patented break-through innovation in non-toxic weed control that is beneficial to soil and human health, and safe for animals and the environment. The company has achieved full regulatory approval by US EPA, Australia and New Zealand along with Organic Certification in Australia. With a focus on regenerative agriculture the company is projected to disrupt the global $43B annual herbicide market with a current customer revenue penetration target of over $100 million in sales within five years and profitability within two years.

June 12, 2024 at 5:30pm-6:30pm EST
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are the opportunities in the global herbicide market that Contact Organics sees and seeks to capture? Why now?

The global herbicide market is currently $43B growing at 6%. Chemical herbicides have become under increasing pressure as they cause significant impact on the environment, biodiversity, safety of workers and public health. Demand for non-toxic herbicides has been rising with ongoing litigation and growing health concerns around common weed management chemicals and crop desiccants.

Contact Organics has developed proprietary, high performing, non-toxic bioherbicide products that deliver best practice and cost-effective weed and crop management solutions that also support soil health. FireHawk Bioherbicide received unconditional approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in January and will be launched commercially in the U.S. market this Spring.

Contact Organics’ non-toxic bioherbicides have achieved sales exceeding $1M to date and have been validated by top U.S. universities and high-profile customers. The products have been optimised for value added applications in both the U.S. and Australia. With full EPA approval in place, sales will accelerate in our target markets of home and garden, landscaping, municipality and commercial, regenerative farming, crop desiccation, vineyards, specialty horticulture, and glyphosate resistant invasive weed control.

What unique benefits does Contact Organics offer your customers?

Contact Organics offers unique benefits to our target customers including
• Break-through innovation in weed control - a bioherbicide that works
• Glyphosate-free, high performance, rapid visible results, environmentally sustainable, cost effective
• A non-toxic weed control solution for homeowners, landscapers, municipalities and commercial users, regenerative farmers, vineyards, specialty horticulture, crop desiccation and glyphosate- resistant invasive weeds
• Beneficial for soil microbiology – proven by independent research organizations
• The bioherbicide of choice for regenerative farming
• Drop-in product using standard spray equipment and machinery
• Prevents weeds from developing resistance
• Suppresses regrowth and extends treatment periods
• Successfully kills many invasive weed species, suppressing their seed germination and stopping their regrowth

What is the value proposition for investors?

Contact Organics offers a unique value proposition for investors:
• Major market opportunity: US$43B herbicide market with strong unmet demand for non-toxic alternatives.
• Proprietary and patented high performing, non-toxic bioherbicides derived from natural ingredients.
• USA, Australian & NZ businesses delivering growing sales, with unconditional US regulatory approval for advanced product range now in place.
• High margin business (66% gross profit, 38% net profit) with low fixed cost and limited capital equipment needs.
• US retail market offers significant growth opportunities as Roundup litigation will continue.
• Funds will be used for marketing, brand development, own sales force, and expanding US manufacturing capacity.
• Proprietary electrostatic spraying application and Super Concentrate product in commercialization will open large revenue stream as our products will achieve cost competitiveness with chemical herbicides in high-value crop and regenerative farming applications.
• Well-established global production, sales and distribution network.
• Experienced management with proven track record and industry competence.

Dr. Frank Glatz of Contact Organics

Dr Frank Glatz is an expert in international business management and start-up companies with a strong track record in global commercialisation of environmental products and technology. Prior to leading Contact Organics, Dr Glatz was Managing Director of Cardia Bioplastics (2008–2016), a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Under Dr Glatz’s guidance, Cardia Bioplastics developed, manufactured and marketed its patented renewable resource-based materials and finished products derived from Cardia’s proprietary technology for the global packaging and plastic products industries. Prior to joining Cardia Bioplastics, Dr Glatz was General Manager Europe of Plantic Technologies from 2004 to 2007 and established their European operations and commercialised their technology internationally.

Dr Glatz is supported by an experienced management team based in both USA and Australia with proven track record and industry competence. Contact Organics Advisory Board includes high-profile leaders like Gabe Brown and Ray Archuletta that guide the company in their target market of regenerative agriculture. Profiles of members of the Board, Senior Management & Advisory Board are included in the Investor Presentation.

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