February 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 561

Q&A with Kyle Buckett of Fortisᴺ Partners

Managing Partner

Principal Series:

We are a global venture capital firm with a mission to make the world better by investing in innovative technology companies that speed up science, collapse drug development timelines, and ultimately save lives.

Join us for a private  Family Office Insights Webinar featuring FortisN Partners; a Unique Opportunity in Venture Capital with a focus on Speed of Science in the Life Sciences industry.

February 9th, 2021 • 2:15pm-3:15pm EST



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What is your experience in Venture Capital?

The Managing Partners have significant operating experience for decades with the VC industry. We are ""Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs"" and have been on both sides of the financing table. Our experience inform us that many traditional VCs, although correctly formed and managed with attorney and seasoned senior executive assistance, have experienced significant failures throughout the years, often as a result of little or no commercial business operating experience by the Principals at the early stage, mid-market and enterprise levels. The operating experience we bring is profound.

Additionally, Fortisᴺ will be closely guided by world class professional advisors and Tier 1 Pharma executives with extensive operating experience in the VC space. Finally, one of our founders sponsored, formed, operated and led the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) business unit at Qwest Communications, arguably recognized as the #1 technology company in the world at that time. Sponsoring the CVC and securing the Qwest Board of Directors' Buy-In and its enduring support was key to Qwest's rapid acquisition and deployment of key broadband communication technologies and hosted Cloud solutions that accelerated the adoption of the broadband Internet and its many services that past 20 years.

Fortisᴺ Partners has unquestionably deep experience in VC.

What are your unfair advantages?

Investment focus: innovative tech that brings speed to science

Powerful allies: strategic partners and leaders of industry

Deal flow: access to outstanding growth opportunities

Experience: understanding of market and contract value

Team: more than the sum of our individual contributions

Value-add: unique talent pipeline & growth/leadership coaching

Why are you seeking a General Partner?

FortisN is currently seeking one Tier 1 Family Office to be the closely aligned fourth General Partner as Fortisᴺ executes the Limited Partner fund raise for the Nightingale Fund 1 (the $500mm clinical tech fund).

Furthermore, we believe that the best relationships exist when we deliver reciprocal useful value to our colleagues. We expect to determine and deliver desired benefits to our select GP; professionally, socially, and financially outside of agreed terms. As we engage and advance Fortisᴺ together, we will determine what the additional benefits are and if and how we can deliver. We are committed to rewarding our GP in a way that is specific and unique to your interests and ambitions.

Kyle Buckett of Fortisᴺ Partners

Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief. As a Navy SEAL Leader, Kyle was deployed to more than 20 different countries and served with five separate SEAL teams. He conducted single man operations and led 800-man clearance operations through southern Afghanistan. Kyle had the opportunity to be one of the few senior enlisted leaders with Ground Force Commander experience in armed conflict. He has developed his own leadership style that has improved the performance of teams across several industries. Kyle has worked at NSW Training Command where he earned the privilege and position of Senior Enlisted Leader for Detachment, Coronado Advanced Training Command. In his military career, Kyle oversaw an annual budget of $110m with $55m in assets, and captured strategic alliances and Joint Venture partnerships that exceeded $235MM. Kyle has a Doctorate of Business Administration from San Diego Christian College and currently holds board seats of several technology and service companies and veteran supporting charities. 

Contact Kyle :

Kyle Buckett Founder & Managing Partner Fortisᴺ Partners